Who Am I

Marcio and I are a french-brazilian couple living in Paris (hence the name) and passionate about image. We think getting married is one of the coolest things ever, which is one of the reasons for launching this website: we just.can’t.stop.

Back then, we found our inspiration from beautifully shot weddings relayed by mostly US-based blogs, and felt like it would be great to transmit this guys-have-fun-at-your-wedding fever (and maybe even bring our own touch) to “the rest of the world”—well at least, France, but then we thought it would be even better if anybody could benefit from it. Anyway.

On the funny side, I discovered 6 months after getting married that my initials went from JT (which means “TV news” and is not at all relevant) to JTM, which is in french short for “I love you”. Ooooooow. I think this is pretty much the Universe asking me to start my own wedding blog; to which I’d like to answer: “OK, Universe, I’m doing this. For You.”

Well, I hope you feel comfortable here. Kisses and hugs,


PS: This is a wedding blog, but first and foremost, a website;  I would like to thank Marcio for being as kick-ass as a web designer as he’s as a husband.

Photography credit: Photography by Winter.