Aug 2013

Shannon + Shaun

Wonderful Farm Wedding in Texas

I am so thrilled to share those pictures with you today. First of all, as me, you’ll probably drool a little bit when going through these (and I promise I had to resign myself to leave tons of equally perfect pictures on my computer that couldn’t fit in this post). Second, rocking chairs, cowboy hats… this wedding just woke up the cowgirl inside me! And what about those Star Wars inspired cufflinks?? :-) Photography by Nirav Patel.



sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-06sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-02 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-05sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-01sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-04sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-08sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-07sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-00sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-09 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-10 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-11 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-12 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-13 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-14 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-15 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-16 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-19sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-17 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-18sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-32 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-31Shaun & Shannon-1047 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-23sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-22sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-24 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-25 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-26 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-27 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-28 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-29 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-30


The word of the photographer.

It was absolutely an honor to photograph Shaun and Shannon’s intimate wedding in Texas. Shaun is a star wars loving, music playing, wedding photographer which means we’re practically the same person.  All of our email exchanges ended with “may the force be with you”. Shannon is something else let me say… and I mean that in the best possible way. She’s incredibly sweet, down to earth, fun, and can definitely bust a move on the dance floor. The wedding was certainly everything they had hoped for it to be… a relaxed celebration with their closest family and friends.

A shout out to the man Bradford Martens for helping me capture this day.


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