Jun 2013

Carol + Felipe

Super Fun Wedding by the Sea in Brazil

In countries where the weather is hot during almost the entire year, the tradition is to have a ceremony at the beginning of the night (and then the party afterwards). Besides the fact that we Europeans would die to have a nice weather for our wedding day (I guess we all want what we don’t have!), I see two main drawbacks. First, you’re loosing some precious hours not being at your wedding: take two weddings, one with a ceremony at 2 or 3pm, and the other one with a ceremony at 9pm; that’s a 6 or 7 hours difference because obviously you’ll go to bed at the same time anyway. And when I see that one of the top answers I get to the question “Name one thing you regret” is “That it went so quickly”, I think that tradition is once again worth being questioned. Second, no need to be photographer to know that natural light is better than flash light; by not having your whole wedding during the night, you’ll end up with MUCH better pictures and memories of the day. Fact.

Last—if the above arguments didn’t convince you—when you actually live in a country like Brazil, you can go for a wedding like Carol and Felipe’s – I actually happen to know Brazil and had the pleasure to spend a few days in Paraty; believe me, this place is a little piece of paradise and those two just took advantage of everything it has to offer! PS: their ceremony was at 11am. :-) Photography by Gustavo Marialva.



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