Mar 2014

Luiza + Ovidiu

Romanian Love Shoot in a Bar

Time for a little love shoot! You know, I think it’s great when couples put on some special clothes—wedding clothes or else—create an atmosphere with objects and details… But sometimes the pictures of you that you’ll be the most happy with are pictures of you wearing your regular clothes, hanging out in your regular places. And sometimes, the result is just as special as if you had tried to make it special… I think this series of pictures explains my point. Photography by Cherry Moments, out of Romania.



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The word of the photographer.

When you live in a big and busy city, surrounded by concrete walls and a lot of noise, it’s hard to find a place where you can enjoy a breath of fresh air. This is why we chose for our photo session the Botanical Garden, a pleasant and quiet setting.

Luiza and Ovidiu make a wonderful couple and we can describe them as being spontaneous, natural, and funny.

It was a great pleasure for us to take photos of them, because they were exactly as we would want every couple we meet to be.

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