Mar 2014

Catarina + Antonio

Contemporary Wedding at a Hotel in Portugal

Catarina and Antonio got married in Lisbon, Portugal. They chose their venue to be a hotel that also took care of the catering. It’s a nice option for those looking for a place that’s already nice as is, although this couple decided to add some details of their own! Photography by Hugo Coelho out of Portugal.



The wedding happened on July 13, 2013. The ceremony was celebrated at the Santa Isabel Church and the cocktail and dinner were held in the Hotel da Estrela, Lisbon (Campo de Ourique).

The decoration of the tables was made by us. We kept a lot of glassware to decorate the tables, glass packages of fruit, etc, we picked a lot of stones from the beach and some old doors to put the names of the guests to indicate their seats.


Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-01 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-02 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-03 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-04 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-05 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-06 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-07 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-08 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-09 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-10

Name on thing you regret…

The day passed very quickly. It was a lot of work and when the day was over we got the feeling that time had been running!


Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-11 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-12 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-13 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-14 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-15 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-16 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-17

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

My son Manuel was at the wedding and still talks about it. He is 3 years old.

We’re also happy that our most important friends and family members were there. We and some friends slept at the hotel and the day after we all had breakfast together.


Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-18 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-19 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-20 Modern-Portuguese-Wedding-Hugo-Coelho-21

The word of the photographer.

When I had the first meeting with them captivated me by the kindness and simplicity. They planned their marriage without formalities and full of little details. It gave me great pleasure to photograph each chapter of this great day.

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