Apr 2014

Maria Clara + Amance

French-Brazilian Wedding in Rio de Janeiro with a Pom Pom Aisle and a View on the Corcovado

Amongst all the cities I’ve visited, Rio de Janeiro is one of my favourites. It’s even on our top list if we ever decide to move to Brazil some day. Sure, as for any city, there are pros and cons… and maybe there are even a bit more cons than pros when it comes to Rio. But what can I say, who’s never fallen for the bad guy? Rio is a fantastic city, that mixes nature and urban landscapes in a strange and beautiful way. And of course, there’s the sea! Maria Clara and Amance got married in the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, with a view on the Corcovado, the city and its surroundings. Needless to say I love their venue, but I also particularly love the pom pom aisle they created for their day! Photos by Fábio Moro.



The wedding took place on July 20th, in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The venue was Recanto do Barão which it is a large house surrounded by a beautiful garden.
I don’t know if you know Rio, but from Santa Teresa you have a great view of the city: we could see the Sugar Loaf, the Corcovado, some beaches.. astonishing!
Amance and I met in Rio. He was here to study, on an internship program. He came from Lyon and, coincidently, I went to Lyon 2 weeks after meeting him, also to an internship program. When I came back, he was still around and we satyed together for a while. After he finished his studies here, we stayed 2 years making trips Rio – Lyon, Lyon – Rio. Then finally, we decided it wasn’t funny at all and Amance came to stay definitely in Rio :).
The entire wedding was planned in 3 months only, and it was crazy to do so many things on such a short time. My mother helped me a lot on this.


Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-01 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-02Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-04 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-05 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-06 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-07 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-08

Name one thing you regret…

My first wedding planner was very, very bad. I regret I lost time with her. But fortunately we found other great vendors afterwards. So, honestly, I don’t regret anything. Everything was so perfect! Maybe I could just  have arrived earlier; I had the make-up and hair done at the wedding venue and since I arrived late, we didn’t have much time to take much making of pictures.


Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-09Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-12 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-10Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-11Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-13 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-14 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-15 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-16

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I am very happy to have accepted the challenge of making an entire wedding in such a short time: venue, decoration, dress, invitation.. There are so much things to do, and I though it wasn’t possible to make it all in 3 months. I really wouldn’t be able to do it without my family’s support before and during the wedding planning: they encouraged me to do it and helped me a lot with vendors. I am very grateful to them for having encouraged and helped me on this, because a wedding reception is just awesome: you have all you friends and family there to see your new beginning with the one you love. Amance’s family and friends also came, and it was rewarding to see both families together. All the good energy around and the genuine best wishes from our friends and family made this day much more special than I could imagine. So, I would say to everyone who thinks about the cost and hard work to make a wedding: it’s really worth it!


Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-17 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-18 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-19 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-20 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-21 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-22 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-23 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-24 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-25 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-26 Wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro-Pompom-Aisle-Corcovado-27

The word of the photographer.

From my point of view, it was a very romantic wedding, with the specificity that it united two persons from different countries. The attention was also drawn on the very delicate decoration, that reminded of the union between France and Brazil. The choice of the venue was fundamental because of the fantastic view on Rio de Janeiro. I can say that I had just what I needed to document a beautiful wedding story: love, delicate touches and a beautiful view!

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