Aug 2013

Natalia + Nacho

Beautiful Spanish Boho Wedding

I love the simplicity of this wedding in Spain, the beautiful venue allowed this boho couple to get fantastic pictures, of both the evening and of themselves… And honestly, this may be one of the beautifulest dress I’ve ever seen! Photography by Sara Lobla.



Natalia and Nacho live in London, but both grew up in Toledo, Spain, where they decided to have their wedding.

Nacho took me out for a walk in Hyde Park, and we went to a very nice Italian restaurant to have dinner afterwards. When we got back home.. all the stairs were full of candles, creating a hallway to the table of the living room; there, there where even more candles, a flowers bouquet and an amazing box with my gorgeous ring!! Best day ever.. It was totally surprising, and so romantic!
We found the most amazing venue ever in Toledo! We fell in love from the very first moment we saw it with the extraordinary views and the extension of the gardens… It’s a place that offers lots of different possibilities, for different wedding styles.


spanish-wedding-nn-01 spanish-wedding-nn-02 spanish-wedding-nn-03


Name one thing you regret…

I regret I did not spend more time during the wedding with my husband; we were so preoccupied whether our guests were having a good time that we forgot it was our time to enjoy…


spanish-wedding-nn-05 spanish-wedding-nn-06 spanish-wedding-nn-07 spanish-wedding-nn-08 spanish-wedding-nn-09 spanish-wedding-nn-10 spanish-wedding-nn-11 spanish-wedding-nn-12 spanish-wedding-nn-13 spanish-wedding-nn-14 spanish-wedding-nn-15 spanish-wedding-nn-16


And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

The happiest thing about all this wedding, with not doubt, was our love and commitment declaration. But after this comes the photographer, Sara Lobla. As everything was going fast that day, I couldn’t visualize well the wedding; people were telling me everything was perfect but I wasn´t sure until I saw the pictures…  Those pictures are going to be the best memories we are going to have about that day and I’m sure when we’ll look at them in 50 years our wedding will come alive again.


spanish-wedding-nn-17 spanish-wedding-nn-18 spanish-wedding-nn-19 spanish-wedding-nn-20 spanish-wedding-nn-21spanish-wedding-nn-22p spanish-wedding-nn-23pspanish-wedding-nn-24 spanish-wedding-nn-25 spanish-wedding-nn-26 spanish-wedding-nn-27


The word of the photographer.

Natalia and Nacho’s wedding was full of magic from the beginning on. As people say sometimes, it was a love at first sight. I remember the Sunday they called me, it was the moment I knew I should photograph that wedding. Natalia and Nacho managed to organize their wedding from London, they prepared a beautiful wedding full of details in a fantastic place, in perfect compliance with their boho lifestyle. I feel blessed to have been there to catch their story with my camera.


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