Sep 2013

Ness + Andy

Australian Winter Wedding in the Countryside

Are you ready for a winter wedding? Let me reassure you, we’re talking about an Aussie Winter here, more or less what we must be experiencing in France right now I guess (where it’s still Summer…). Anyway, I love how natural the bride and groom are, and the simple yet unique retro setting and venue. Photography by Jessica of Brown Paper Parcel Photography.



The wedding took place on August 24th, 2013, at the Dean Mechanics Institute Hall, Dean, Victoria, Australia. From the bride:

We met six years ago working behind the bar of a Melbourne music venue and have spent the time since doing all sorts of fun things together, like travelling the world, renovating a house and making a baby. We thought it was about time to get hitched and what better place to do it than in a 120 year-old country hall in a no-pub town in rural Victoria, where nobody would tell us to be quiet but the sheep and cattle. After a week of persistent rain, the showers fled about noon and we were served up a glorious, overcast winter day, with a few sneaky peeks of sunshine to boot. The wedding was a hoot with the usual eating, drinking and dancing to the soundtrack of 50’s rhythm and blues, doo-wop and girl group sounds, before our favourite rock and roll horn-sectioned band, Dynamo, blasted out some tunes to get the dancefloor jiving, and really send us off into the night. Sweet times…


NessAndy-01 NessAndy-02 NessAndy-03 NessAndy-04


Name one thing you regret…

That Andy was too busy dancing and gossiping to make it to the dessert table.


NessAndy-05 NessAndy-06 NessAndy-07 NessAndy-08 NessAndy-09 NessAndy-10 NessAndy-11 NessAndy-12NessAndy-13


… And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

That our daughter Henrietta was part of the ceremony and able to partywith us (until she ran out of steam – poor luv).


NessAndy-14 NessAndy-15 NessAndy-16 NessAndy-17 NessAndy-18 NessAndy-19 NessAndy-20 NessAndy-21 NessAndy-22 NessAndy-23 NessAndy-24 NessAndy-25 NessAndy-26 NessAndy-27 NessAndy-28


The word of the photographer.

It was a true delight sharing this special day with Ness and Andy. They are a wonderful, intelligent, down to earth, effortlessly stylish and easygoing couple who deserve every happiness that comes their way. Their wedding was held in one of my favourite parts of Victoria, surrounded by farmland, pine forests and gumtrees. It was through and through all things I love in a good wedding; a get-out-of-town vibe, simple, rustic food and decor, booze that doesn’t run out, bands and music that gets people up dancing and a crowd of welcoming, warm people.
And I do love a winter wedding dress.

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