Oct 2014

Alex + Cameron

Surprise Proposal at Lily Lake, Colorado

Cameron and Alex were first contacted by Perry & Kathryn  to model for a styled shoot in the mountains. And here’s the beautiful story, related by the two photographers of Our Love Is Loud, of what happened instead.

We actually got connected with Cameron and Alex through friends and had asked them if they would model for us for a styled shoot in the mountains. Well, Cameron (the groom) called us immediately with an idea of his own, that made it even better. “How about we actually turn this shoot into a surprise proposal shoot for Alex”, he said. He wanted to propose soon. He knew he wanted to do it in a gorgeous mountain location, with Alex all dolled up feeling pretty, and he knew he would love killer photos of the whole thing. We loved the idea!

Cameron and Alex look like an amazing couple, and those pictures of this surprise proposal almost brought tears to my eyes. Kathryn and Perry are from Colorado, but you won’t find this information on their website because they just love to travel!



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From the photographers.

Cameron planned every detail to perfection. Found the perfect spot, coordinated with us through a secret strain of emails, even hand carved the beautiful wooden arrowhead box that would hold the ring, his grandmother’s ring. Alex didn’t see it coming. Not at all. She was completely taken aback! We simply snapped away, capturing all the emotion, holding back our own tears. It was one of the most emotional, truly touching engagement sessions we have ever done.
Oct 2014

Alix + François

An Alternative to the Bouquet Toss

As many of you come here to see alternative weddings, I thought you might be interested in seeing this alternative to the bouquet toss. I don’t know if someone knows this practice, but I had personally never seed this before—and I have seen a bunch of weddings in these past years—so I thought I’d share!

Not only does it prolong the friendly moment when someone inherits the bride’s bouquet, but it looks a lot funnier – and as a bonus you may make a photographer happy! Photos by the French photographer Sylvain Le Lepvrier. (You may also recognize the woman in the yellow dress as being the bride of one of my favorite weddings ever!)

Happy Monday!!



passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-01passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-02passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-00passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-08passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-05passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-07passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-09passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-06passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-11 passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-12 passing-the-bouquet-ribbons-15

How it works.

First, multicolor ribbons are attached to the bouquet. Every non-married female guest gets to hold the end of one ribbon. Then, the brides closes her eyes and cuts a ribbon, resulting in the person at the other end of it to be out of the game. It is recommanded that the challengers turn around the bride while her eyes are closed so that she has absolutely no idea whose ribbon she’s cutting. This scenario goes on and on until only one ribbon is left; the person holding it wins the bouquet!

Sep 2014

Magali + Florent

Sweet French Wedding in Provence

Magali and Florent had a sweet wedding in Provence, a typical region of the South of France. I love the groom’s outfit and their beautiful tables (and I am definitely in love with those placemats!). Photography by Modern Hearts.



The wedding took place on the 7th of June 2014, in a typical Provençal “Mas”, in Arles in the South of France.
We wanted an authentic place in the middle of sunflower fields, olive trees and lavenders… Real surrounding for real story. We are 32 and 34 years old. We live in Antibes in the French Riviera in France, but we wanted to follow the french tradition, which is to get married into the bride’s family town. We met 5 years ago, and we have decided to have a baby first 2 years ago… So it was a wedding with our little daughter. It’s not very convenient but the symbolic was important for us. Our wedding was mostly composed of friends because we have a small family but we have many friends who came from all parts of France and they are so close for us that we consider them as family.


florent-magali-Modern-Heart-01 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-02 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-03 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-04 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-05 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-06 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-07 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-08 08p

Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret…
We regret that the time ran so fast. We had not enough time to spend with each guest who most of them came from far we live.


florent-magali-Modern-Heart-09 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-10 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-11 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-12 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-13 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-14

… And one thing that makes you proud.
Without any doubt, the non-religious celebration in open air !
We have totally delegated this part of our wedding to the bridesmaids and the best man.
They organised each moment, speeches, guests, the rings… We felt very touched by all the affection and love.


florent-magali-Modern-Heart-15 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-16 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-17 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-18 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-19 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-20 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-21 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-22 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-30florent-magali-Modern-Heart-23 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-24 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-25 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-26 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-27 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-28 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-29

You can see more pictures on the photographers’ blog here.

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