Sep 2014

Lola + Ludivine

Woodland Rock n’ Roll Tea Time Styled Shoot

A lot of talents were brought together for this styled shoot. As a result, a beautiful place, a wonderful setting with lots of details, and for sure, a nice experience and some great memories for this couple who accepted to be part of the project! See for yourself… Photography by Julie Siddi, out of France.



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From the event designer.
When I saw Lola, I wanted to make a shooting with her ! I love her style : tattoos and piercing, long hair with a short side like Rihanna… wonderful ! She showed me several pictures of her girlfriend and I loved the couple : two young women in love in real life.
That was what I wanted to show in my shooting: true love, a little bit of rock n’ roll, a bit of steampunk and a romantic scene from wonderlands.
I contacted amazing wedding professionnals and they all said YES, so we created this shoot together. Julie brings emotions in her pictures, Cyrille can make everything with his flowers, Emilie is wonderful with hair and make up, Eloise is the master of cakes, Séverine is great at creating anything I want with paper…
Lola is very feminine and glamourous, she wore a little dress from Rime Arodaky. Ludivine has more of a “street” style, she hates dresses, so we met Maxime from Les Dandys. They design groom clothes but they created a great look for Ludivine.
When I saw the venue, it was The One: a beautiful castle with a greenhouse and a sweet garden,everything I wanted for my Vintage Rocky Tea Time.
Sep 2013

Alexandra + Mihai

Countryside Session with a Colorful Paper Garland

Today I’m sharing a couple session with you again! It’s been a long time as I tend to publish more weddings if I see or get cool ones, but this session is really special, and I am sure you’re gonna love the effect of this colorful paper garland as much as I do. Some photographers here became mascots, and for sure Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography are some of them; I love their work a lot, and this series of pictures is no exception. I hope you’ll enjoy this!



love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-01 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-02 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-03 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-04 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-05 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-06 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-07 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-08 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-09 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-10 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-11 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-12 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-13 love-session-colorful-paper-garland-be-light-14


The word of the photographers.

We believe that a being in love and having a good mood are essential for great pictures. Alexandra’s smile and great mood for photography made everything easy and natural. And the details she hand-crafted for this session added a drop of magic to the setting.

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