Mar 2013

Anneli + Andi

Simple Snowy Winter Wedding in Estonia

Winter weddings are beautiful. Winter gowns are fantastic. Photography by Sandra Palm, out of Estonia.



Anneli and Andi’s wedding took place on the 9th of February, in a South-Estonian manor in Taagepera. Going for a winter wedding is no easy decision, especially in Estonia:

Our biggest concern was weather, because -20 degrees is not unusual during the Winter period in Estonia, as well as +2 and rain is possible. But we were wery lucky and had a mild winter day with beautiful fresh snow. To enjoy this beautiful winter weather we decided to have the wedding ceremony outside, on the terrace.


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Feb 2013

Mairi + Gert

Snowy Winter Wedding in Estonia with a Beautiful Winter Gown

I don’t know which part of the world you’re from, but right now in Europe, it’s pretty cold. But still, why not get married in Winter? Winter weddings can be the most beautiful, and this one is no exception. Amazing photographs of this snowy winter wedding by the very sweet Mait Juriado, from Estonia.
[If you’re ever clicking on the link above please be sure to scroll all the way down to see Tuuli and Teet’s session once again! :)]



No story about the couple for this wedding! The bride wasn’t really comfortable talking about her wedding, and I respect that (and I am even more grateful she’d still let me show the pictures). Don’t forget to check out the designer of the incredible winter gown she wore, though!


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