May 2013

Anja + Andrej

Fun Photo Session with the Craziest Couple (Includes Water Jumps)

I love photography, I love to see two beautifully in love persons on pictures, see them kiss and hug, feel the tenderness that can exist between them… you know? But sometimes, sometimes, I just need to see something else, something punchy! So that, when there’s both, that just makes a happy Joana. :-) Photography by Samo Rovan.



Anja and Andrej had been together for 12 years when they thought maybe it was about time to get some pictures of them two – did I mention Andrej is a photographer himself? So, they decided to go with their friend Samo, but that’s not the reason they chose him.

With me also being a photographer and friends with Samo for several years, we both knew no one was better for the job. I won’t say he is “the best” wedding photographer in Slovenia and surroundings, because work like this can hardly be measured in any way, but his work surely is of the most genuine, innovative and kinda non-intervene feel there is. His photographs stand out among 10 or 1000 others and that’s a privilege I like to often remind him of.


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May 2013

Aileen + Dan

Casual Wedding by a Pond with Dogs

Let’s make this clear: would I have the opportunity of planning our wedding all over again, I’d probably choose a venue offering bathing possibilities. I mean, who doesn’t like to dip one toe or two in some fresh water on a hot day? This is exactly what Aileen and Dan went for on their wedding day, and I love so much that their dogs were part of every single moment of their day! Guys please, if someone’s planning to have such a cool wedding by a pond, lake or else, send an invitation over! Photography by Paul Liebt Paula, out of Germany.



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Apr 2013

Teele + Mart

A Yellow Deep-Dyed Wedding Dress and a Gigantic Letter

I know I shouldn’t be saying that yet, but this wedding is totally making it to my best of 2013 selection. You know that sensation, when you get goosebumps, start feeling a lump in your throat and then stupidly want to cry a little bit? Well I felt that. Three times. First when I saw the post on Stina’s blog, second when she allowed me to blog it, and then finally when I was preparing this post. Not that it’s particularly emotional, it’s just goddamn beautiful! Ready for another incredible series of pictures by Stina Kase?



The wedding happened on July, 7th 2012, in Tallinn Old Town (on the roof of the Estonian Maritime Museum “Paks Margareta”) and then later at the coastal village “Salmistu”, both located in Estonia. Believe it or not, this is a DIY wedding; everything, from the concept to the smallest detail—check out this deep-dyed dress and those badges on the tables with the names of all the guests—were thought by the bride and the groom. Huge congrats to them for doing so well, for the consistency and for their choices of location (venue is definitely everything). Anyone planning her wedding right now: flight these guys out of Estonia to do it for you. And tell them to bring Stina with them. :)


SK-00 SK-01 SK-02SK-new5SK-05SK-09 SK-06SK-10SK-08SK-12 SK-11SK-14SK-new6

 Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret…

Everything went well, but we forgot small vodka glasses, so who wanted to drink vodka, had to drink it from wine glasses. :)


…And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

We are proud that our guests have good memories and stories from that day.


SK-19 SK-20 SK-21 SK-22SK-24SK-23SK-29SK-new2SK-new7SK-30SK-new8SK-32SK-new4 SK-new3SK-36
More pics on the photographer’s blog here.

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