Dec 2013

Tamara + Stefano

Italian Vintage Wedding with Songs to End the Day With

A simple countryside wedding… Except that it took place in the middle of Milan! This couple is the living proof that when you really want something, there’s always a way. I love the sweet atmosphere they created and how the day ended with everybody singing together! Photography: Davide Zanoni out of Italy.



The wedding happened on the 9th of June in the outskirts of Milan, in a place called Cascina Boscaccio. The place consists of an 11th century villa, a farmhouse hosting animals and a huge park, all this located in this isolated, sort of a natural oasis, surrounded by a beautiful lake. From the bride.
Stefano is italian, born in Milan and I am Serbian, I came eight years ago to study architecture in Italy. We met by pure accident at the university. I say by accident, because when we saw each other for the first time, Stefano was already a full employed architect while I was doing my last exam. At that time, he was coming to the university only because he was working on a competition together with his old school mates. As a matter of fact, he even got to see me cry, as the exam didn’t come out as I was hoping it will be, so while I was releasing my frustration through the tears, his big brown eyes were looking at me. :)
After some thinking, we got excited about having a wedding in a rustic style, but the idea to have hay bales as our furniture was a huge problem for us. Just imagine trying to find the perfect rectangular hay bales in the middle of Milan?!? O.K. Now imagine the trouble it is getting them transported, making armchairs out of two, three, four of them… not to mention the traces that it leaves behind!!! Not only did we have to talk with like every farmer in the area, going in the middle of nowhere to get the hay and transport them in the car, but we also had to hide them in our basement in order to make our experiments. Try doing that in the building where the average age of your neighbours is 70 years old?!? Eventually, it was fun and it created a nice atmosphere as a part of our wedding decoration, so it was quite successful move!!

italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-00 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-01 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-02 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-03 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-04 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-05 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-06italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-07

Name one thing you regret…

One thing we regret is having too much people at the wedding, that is, we wish we had made it a smaller and more intimate wedding. Not that we had people we didn’t want to, but having less people means being more interactive, involved and dedicated to each other to enjoy this day as much as it is possible.

All of us were pretty much stressed thinking about everything to be perfect. To people planning to get married : ”Don’t be so stressed!”. It is inevitable and you know it, but the best part is that on your wedding day, all this stress is forgotten and you only care about having the greatest day of your life together with the people you love.


italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-11italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-09 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-10italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-08italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-12 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-13 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-14 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-15 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-16 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-17

… And one thing you’re really happy about: proud of.

Even if you are trying to be original, you will find difficulties achieving it as it seems like everything has already been done, like every possible style and form has been carried out, so it’s important to try to be yourself by doing the things by yourself!
Stefano and I are the type of people who would never get a wedding planner, even though it makes everything so much easier – but maybe less personal as well. This is also why we chose to get married with our close friends. Having a familiar face in front of you gives you the insurance that the words you are saying and things you’re promising to the person next to you are more alive and worthy.
So, bottom line, this is what we are proud of – the fact that we did everything on our own, especially the things that we’ve done manually: from the complete design of our invitations to the favors, table decor, venue decorations & center pieces. Those are the things that today have a special place at our home so every time we have a look at them, it fills us with the joy of that day.

italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-18 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-19 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-20 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-21 italian-wedding-vintage-songs-davide-zanoni-22

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