Jul 2014

Julia + Fabio

A Photographers’ Wedding Anniversary Commemoration

Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about Fabio and Julia, a photographer couple from Brazil. A few years ago, sick of their very demanding job (Fabio was a graphic artist and Julia used to work in the fashion industry), the crowded city they were living in and the heavy traffic, they decided to leave everything behind them to experience a much simpler life on the other side of the ocean. This is the story of how they arrived in Dublin and stayed for a year living in a community house, in the middle of nowhere, travelling around Europe. When they finally got back to Brazil, Fabio dedicated himself to photography, soon joined by his wife, to now form the “Duo Borgatto“.

We had the pleasure to meet with this lovely couple, first in Paris last Summer, then in Brazil at the beginning of the year. This is when they told us about their story and confessed that since their experience in Dublin, they hadn’t really been able to even properly decorate their apartment, their will to go back to Europe, this time for good, being so strong.

So, good news for who is still desperately looking for a photographer to shoot their wedding this Summer: Fabio and Julia will be back in France, and available to shoot your wedding or anything else in July, and then again from mid August to mid September (you can also think about them for next year!). I can assure you they would be thrilled to meet with you and photograph your love. Also, do not hesitate to spread the news, you’d be doing them a big favour helping them develop their business here in Europe!

In the meanwhile, here’s a little session they realized for their wedding anniversary – a big selfie photoshoot! When the photographers are in front and behind the camera…



fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-01 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-02 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-03 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-04 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-05 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-06 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-07 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-09fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-08fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-10 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-11 fabio-julia-duo-borgatto-12

A little worldcup parenthesis: I wanted to use the expression “rockstar photographers” to talk about Fabio and Julia, but I’d rather mention them as “football star photographers”, literally (and you can have a look at their pictures of Neymar as a best man at this other great football player Ganso’s wedding).

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