Jan 2013

Vanessa + Pedro

Beautiful Black and White Photos on the Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Remember when I told you I fell in love with the work of The Kreulichs? Well, that was no lie. About that session: black & white pictures, two people and a very simple setting… for a remarkably special and dreamy result. Vanessa e Pedro, vocês são lindos! Muito obrigado por nos permitir mostrar ao (nosso) mundo esse momento de suas vidas.


[Please don’t blame me for posting these pictures while some of you are going through a very cold winter. Remember, it’s always Summer somewhere… And it is right now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.]



VP-01VP-03VP-02VP-05VP-04VP-09VP-08VP-07VP-16VP-11 VP-12 VP-13 VP-14 VP-15VP-06

Dec 2012

Dagmara + Maciek

Married on a Boat in a Beautiful Sailor Outfit

I know, I know, not everyone can get married on a boat. But don’t you love the concept? If sailing is your thing, then why not do it? I also loved how everyone followed the dress-code. And, let me introduce you to the photographic work of Magda and Milosz Wozaczynski from Belgium; something tells me you’re gonna hear about them soon again.



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