Dec 2013

2013 Sessions

Best Of 2013 – Sessions

After the best of 2013 weddings published this Monday, here’s our best of 2013 sessions! Based on what you seemed to have liked the most this year (and during the two first months the blog existed), this is basically a readers’ selection!


Tuuli and Teet, and their session in Estonia with a cow.

Tuuli + Teet

Vanessa and Pedro, and this amazing black and white session in Rio de Janeiro.

Vanessa + Pedro

Magda and Marek, who took their clothes off to take a bath in freezing Iceland.

Magda + Marek

Cosmina and Adi, and their after-wedding pictures high up in the Romanian mountains.

Cosmina + Adi

Anja and Andrej, this super crazy couple that had one fun afternoon.

Anja + Andrej

Florestine and Silvain, and their engagement session at the Champs de Mars.

Florestine + Silvain

Those 5 girls, who had one fun and colorful bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party

Monika and Kendra, and this pre-wedding styled shoot.

Monika + Kendra

Us! Because you seemed to like our bike session in Paris a lot.

Joana + Marcio

Stéphanie, and this trash the dress with fire photo session.

Stéphanie + Fire

May 2013

Anja + Andrej

Fun Photo Session with the Craziest Couple (Includes Water Jumps)

I love photography, I love to see two beautifully in love persons on pictures, see them kiss and hug, feel the tenderness that can exist between them… you know? But sometimes, sometimes, I just need to see something else, something punchy! So that, when there’s both, that just makes a happy Joana. :-) Photography by Samo Rovan.



Anja and Andrej had been together for 12 years when they thought maybe it was about time to get some pictures of them two – did I mention Andrej is a photographer himself? So, they decided to go with their friend Samo, but that’s not the reason they chose him.

With me also being a photographer and friends with Samo for several years, we both knew no one was better for the job. I won’t say he is “the best” wedding photographer in Slovenia and surroundings, because work like this can hardly be measured in any way, but his work surely is of the most genuine, innovative and kinda non-intervene feel there is. His photographs stand out among 10 or 1000 others and that’s a privilege I like to often remind him of.


fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-03fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-02fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-01fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-04 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-05 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-06 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-07fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-09 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-10 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-08fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-11 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-12fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-13fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-22fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-21fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-18 fun_photo_shoot_at_the_water_by_samo-19

Jan 2013

Nina + Denis

A Fun Wedding int he Mountains and a Fearless Bride

Nina and Denis are the kind of couple I love: for their wedding, they wanted to have something like a picnic, well, more like a festive picnic… I have to say I liked their wedding pictures, the location they chose, the atmosphere of their day. But then I asked Nina for the same details I usually ask. And I laughed out loud – it’s like being there with her. So, take a look at the pictures, read the bride’s testimonial and tell me it’s not just me. Photography credit: Samo Rovan.



The wedding took place in Lepena, in the Valley of the Soča river, also known as Valley of Trenta, Slovenian Alps. From Nina:

It was like a fairytale – a day full of happy faces and laughter, full of tears of joy, full of sun and rain. And it smelled after lavender, which was the main flower in the bride’s bouquet. Ever since, when I get into my nose the smell of this flower, I remember my day.


Name one thing you regret (1/2)…

Honestly said? We do not regret anything. I was first totally scared about how things would go on, if everything would be as perfect as I dreamed of. But then, a lot of things went different. But no later than the day after the wedding, I realized it was all the little imperfections that made my day perfect. I mean, there were things like the story about horse…


The story about the horse.

The idea of my bridesmaid was: I would ride a white horse when I would appear in front of my future husband. But the poor horse was totally scared of my white wedding dress; I mean, I was already nervous and then the horse with his turbulent behavior and nickering… My God, I just prayed “Please, take the horse away, I do not want to fall of a horse before I say my big yes”!! And then, the story about the ring…


The story about the ring.

It just did not want to go on my finger. Of course, my fingers were all swelled and the ring did not want to pass the knuckle. But when my husband said “Yes, I do take her for my wife”, the ring did not want to go on!! And then again – why is this happening to me??? Thank God I have chosen such a clever guy: Denis took the ring of, placed it in his mouth, spread a little bit of saliva on it, and then finally, the ring took its place on my finger.


Name one thing you regret (2/2)…

I mean, the wedding was totally crazy, but I really really would not change a thing. We do not regret anything!


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

I am happy that my husband and I had a really miraculous day, without even trying to make it such. The going-on took its own way – totally different from what I expected, but it looks like this was the only right thing to happen. And of course we are totally happy to have chosen Samo to be our photographer; we became friends at the very first moment we met – Samo, you are the best, thanks again!


Nina was all nervous about her first night with Denis as a married couple, thinking about things people put into her mind, like What underwear to wear? Should there be candles? Roses? It came out, Denis left the party at 5:00 and Nina at 6:30… Woooops!! But the thing is, enjoy the moment and don’t program when romanticism should happen, because, here’s Nina’s conclusion to all this: The wedding night was perfect.


And the honeymoon? No, it did not took place in Hawaii, Nina said.

A few days after the wedding we went to Tolmin (also near the Valley of Trenta), where the Metal Camp festival took place. Well, this was our honeymoon! We slept in a tent, again under the free sky; I suppose, we were the freshest married couple there.


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