Jun 2014

Mandy + André

Vintage Anchor Themed Wedding with a Venue at a Concept Store

Mandy and André had a vintage anchor themed wedding that took place on a Friday the13th. Mandy wore a short dress that day, that wasn’t actually the one she was supposed to wear: a friend of the bride wasn’t happy with the dress she chose for herself, so she went out and bought another one that in her opinion, represented Mandy’s personality better! Their reception took place at the beautiful concept store in Hamburg, with a lot of furnitures and art from the 1920s to the 1940s. I love how relaxed and natural the couple look on those pictures taken by Jessy & Björn of Hafenliebe Hochzeitsfotografie!



The wedding took place on September 13, 2013 in Hamburg. From the couple.

We were really relaxed about everything and I guess that’s what made the big difference. We wanted to keep it simple but look very unique and like us. The Anchor is a symbol that links us as we wear the same chain around the neck and have the same anchor tattooed, so it was obvious that we had to have a lot of anchors on our wedding day. It appeared on the stationary and the cake. The contrast of a tattooed couple with that rustic and vintage look is something that describes us best. Besides all that we chose a friday 13th as our wedding date and it had also been André’s fathers 65th birthday.


retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-01 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-02 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-03 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-04

Name one thing you regret…

Absolutely nothing!


retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-00retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-06 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-07 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-08 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-09 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-10 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-11 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-12 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-13 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-14 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-15 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-16 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-17

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

The best thing about our wedding was to spend a whole day with all our loved ones that normally live all over the country. We really enjoyed that!


retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-18 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-19 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-20 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-21 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-22 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-23 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-24 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-25 retro-german-wedding-hafenliebe-26

Jan 2014

Diane + Guy

Fall Post Wedding Session in the Woods

I’m back to posting couple sessions! I kind of missed them, didn’t you? Diane and Guy are both photographers and got married in October last year. Those are some photos they did after the wedding. I love the slight mist of the valley and the gorgeous colors of the forest at this time of the year! But most of all, I love the energy of this couple. A few days ago, Guy left a comment on a wedding I posted saying that he loved how hot the newly weds were looking, and the fact that “there was no poney or flower crown”; well, let me return all those compliments to you guys! What’s more they had the great idea of having our good friend Elodie Winter of Photography by Winter take their photos – the same good idea we had a couple of years ago. Check out how perfect she was at capturing the atmosphere here!



post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-00 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-01 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-02 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-03 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-04 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-05 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-06 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-07 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-08 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-09 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-10 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-11 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-12 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-13 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-14 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-15 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-16 post-wedding-session-in-the-woods-photography-by-winter-17

The word of the photographer.

I felt very honored when Diane and Guy asked me to be their wedding photographer, them being photographers as well. We got along right away, I liked them, their stories, the way they talk from each other 10 years after they started dating, how they look at each other and have fun together. Not only they’re beautiful people (people walking around and seeing us making pictures thought Diane and Guy were not a real couple but models… Come-on!!), but they’re among the sweetest persons I know of. The kind of people you want to hang out with, the kind you wish they would move in your neighborhood…oh wait. They did! (yeah yeah, I know it’s pure random, but let me believe they moved there because of me!) Once again, I’m very thankful to have such amazing clients that I can call friends. At first, we planned to do their couple wedding portraits during winter. But, their wedding day was such an amazing autumn day, they changed their mind and we quickly organized a shoot to enjoy the last days of fall. We couldn’t have been more blessed. Even though it was pretty cold out there, the sun showed up during our session and all three of us were just amazed by this insane light and beautiful landscape.

Oct 2013

Lucila + Guilliano

A Wedding at a Hippodrome and Giant Laser Robots

The photographer Cecilia contacted me saying: “I shot a wedding at a hippodrome recently, maybe you can like it?”. Well, good guess! And I didn’t know yet this wedding also had a Jenny Packham bride and—yes—giant led robots at the party. To sum up: a unique venue, stylish & fun bride and groom (ok, the bride’s a stylist), one great party… Welcome on YMFKTB, Lucila & Giulliano! Photography by Cecilia Aiscurri out of Argentina.


The wedding took place on March 30th, 2013 at the Tribuna Oficial del Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And here’s the story of a long-distance relationship that actually worked!

Well.. probably the most significant part of our story is that we survived a 4-year long distance relationship! We met around eight years ago, when I was just out of high school and went out every day for the 3 or so months our dating lasted. It didn’t quite work out the first time around but we knew we would end up together some day. I left Argentina to go study in London and a couple of years (and a couple of other boyfriends and girlfriends after!) we saw each other again when I was at home for the holidays and without even thinking about it we ended up with a 4-year skype-based relationship. He proposed during a friend’s wedding in Rome, I graduated and moved back home with him. A few intense planning months after, we were finally getting married and about to spend the rest of our lives together.. on the same continent!


hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-01 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-02 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-03 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-04 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-05 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-06

Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret… 
I regret trying to save money on the catering service, it was our only disappointment. If you’re putting it all out on that one day, try to have the very best of everything!


hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-07 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-08 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-09 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-10 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-11 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-13 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-14 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-15

…And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

Everything was our style, down to smallest detail, and that really made it for us. We didn’t do anything we were supposed to do, went with our instinct and it payed off. We are both quite relaxed and although everything looked great and we put a lot of effort into it, the actual event was super relaxed, nothing felt forced or scheduled.


hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-16 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-17 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-18hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-20 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-21 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-22 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-23 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-24 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-25 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-26 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-27 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-29hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-28 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-32 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-30hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-33 hippodrome-wedding-party-with-a-robot-34

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