May 2014

Inês + António

Rainy Elopement in Portugal

Inês and António decided to have a very intimate wedding, precisely 10 years after their very first kiss! They organized a little ceremony for just the two of them at a beautiful cottage and had some afterwards snacks, around the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. They had a very rainy day (maybe one of the most rainy weddings I’ve featured here!), but it didn’t stop them from having the ceremony outside, neither did it wipe the smiles off their faces! Photography by Quem Casa Quer Fotos, out of Portugal.



The wedding took place in Gêres, Portugal, on March 21, 2014. From the bride:

A little over ten years ago, two different people, who completed each other, met for the first time. It only took two dates and a lot of online talk for both of us to know that the person holding our hand would be very special. Ten years have passed but we still tenderly remember, every 21st of every month, what happened on the March 21, 2004. Ten years have passed, but it could have been only ten minutes, because everything seems brief, and we wish to spend at least another fifty Springs together.


Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-10Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-02Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-01Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-05Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-04Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-06 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-00Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-08 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-13Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-11Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-12Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-14 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-15Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-17 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-18 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-19 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-20 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-21 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-22 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-23 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-24 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-25 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-27Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-26Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-29 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-30 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-31 Rainy-Elopement-Portugal-32

The word of the photographer.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for about seven years, and one of my desires was to shoot a more intimate wedding, just with the bride and groom. This year we had the privilege to witness Inês and António’s wedding. The bride and groom travelled from Lisbon by themselves, into a cottage in Gerês, to get married. When we got there, everything was wonderfully set to the last detail. It was one of the most special weddings I had the opportunity to shoot. The rain wanted in on it too, but the bride and groom were brave enough to face it.

Aug 2013

Rita + Vasco

Delicate Wedding in Portugal

Pink wedding shoes, sweet tables, personal touches and a breathtaking venue: I love Rita and Diogo’s delicate wedding in Portugal! Photography by Pedro Vilela.


The wedding took place June 1st, 2013, at the Quinta de São Thiago, in Sitra, Portugal. From the groom:
Our day started nervously, in the expectation of what was going to happen. It was simply magic, our relatives and friends arriving, the staff staring with its tips and tricks, and all along this timeless day, congratulations, smile and laughter, emotions and memories of bygone days… The entrance of the bride, fast as the opening of a flower, letting out its sparkles, perfume, color and happiness, totally contagious! A flirt in simplicity, to represent a quick moment of union, that symbolically marked the Day, the Before and the After in the calendar of our lives… The glamor of an afternoon between friends, the Sun, the blanket in the grass, the blue of the sky, the green of the surroundings and this contagious happiness, pure energy… When the night fell, the fireflies lightened up the wedding cake, a masterpiece of pastry that we shared and enjoyed together! There still was some magic in our feet, that made us dance until exhaustion. One day, it was the Day, full of details, small contingencies, unique and historical moments of our life.

portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-01 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-02 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-03 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-04 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-05 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-06portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-08 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-09 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-10 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-11 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-12 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-13 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-14portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-07


Name one thing you regret…

It only lasted 12 hours, close to 720 minutes, 43200 little seconds… Time goes on and went on so brutally, as only time can do, so we can say that the one thing we regret is to have had such little time!


portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-16 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-17 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-18 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-19 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-20 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-21 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-22portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-24 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-26


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

The families that created us, the friends that were there for us, from the moment we were born to wherever life’s taking us.


portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-25portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-27 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-28 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-29 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-31portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-30

Apr 2013

Filipa + Niki

Circus Themed Wedding in Portugal

I love circus weddings! I suppose you remember Lauren and James’? Well, Filipa and Nikis’ is, although based on the same theme, a whole lot different. It’s been thought by a Portuguese team called “De Alma e Coração” which means With Soul and Heart, and the word team is in this case fully appropriate: they have designers, photographers and videographers, in other words, all you need for a wedding. I am more than happy that they contacted me, and I won’t give any suspense here, there’s going to be more of them soon! In the meanwhile, I let you discover the pictures of a very perfect wedding (don’t miss the kids’ table, with all the small animals on it). Parabéns Filipa e Niki! Photography credit: De Alma e Coração, out of Portugal.



Filipa and Niki wanted a wedding “where everybody would have fun, that would not be dictated by the standards”…

… And this is what happened, the good energy brought the perfect guests for the perfect wedding!


DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-01 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-02 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-03 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-04 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-05 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-06 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-07 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-08 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-09 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-10 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-11 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-12 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-13


Name one thing you regret…

It was over too fast!


DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-14 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-15 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-16 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-17 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-18 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-19 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-20 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-21 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-22 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-23


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

My daughter’s quote: “The best wedding ever”.


DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-24 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-25 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-26 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-27 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-28 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-29 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-30 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-31 DeAlmaECoracaoCircus-32

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