Nov 2013

Rachel + Donnie

Beautiful and Simple Wedding in the Woods with a Ceremony by a Pond

Rachel says they wanted a rustic camp feel with budget friendly inventive DIYs for their wedding. With this location in the woods, the ceremony by the pond nearby, and all the homespun crafts with texture and color, I guess those two had their dream wedding! So you may now take your shoes off and relax, because I guess that’s the best way to enjoy the images below. Photography by Amanda & Nate Howard for The Shalom Imaginative.


Donnie and Rachel wanted a place that wasn’t the typical wedding venue. A place they could make their own. The wedding took place on September 7, 2013 at Camp Nawakwa, Lac Du Flambeau, northern Wisconsin, USA. Here are a few stories about the wedding from the bride:

My wedding dress didn’t fit. I never thought it would happen to me but it did. Big wedding dress shops had a one month turnover to complete the job of putting in a lace up panel.  I found a lady out of her home who did it in one night and half the price!
Another humorous thing is things will not go according to plan. We had a unity jar in our ceremony that the wedding party was to write a special message.  Well the jar went missing so we had to skip that part of the ceremony, but someone delivered it down to the beach before it was over!

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Name one thing you regret…
One thing we regret. Finding a food caterer that cared about our day, as much as we cared about it. They were an hour and a half late!
Not sleeping in the morning after our wedding or just enjoying coffee by the lake with just the two of us. Donnie had to run in town and get donuts. Even though that wasn’t coffee by the lake, donuts are a close second.


simple-wedding-pond-13 simple-wedding-pond-14 simple-wedding-pond-15simple-wedding-pond-16simple-wedding-pond-00simple-wedding-pond-19 simple-wedding-pond-20 simple-wedding-pond-21 simple-wedding-pond-22

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of. 
How much our families pitched in to help decorate, organize and make the day possible. Whether it was putting on table cloths, painting signs, or cutting pies, all hands staying the weekend at the camp were willing to help!


simple-wedding-pond-23 simple-wedding-pond-24 simple-wedding-pond-25 simple-wedding-pond-26 simple-wedding-pond-27 simple-wedding-pond-28 simple-wedding-pond-29 simple-wedding-pond-30

The word of the photographers.

Donnie & Rachel wed in the midst of the Northern Wisconsin woods at a Summer camp. Every last detail designed & crafted with their hands. The whole day shouting their personality.
Our favorite part of telling their story was how open they were with us. they were fully present in their day. they laughed with us. cried with us. & told stories of when they first met & jumped in puddles together. the day burst with beauty & life.
More beautiful pictures of this wedding can be found on the photographer’s blog.
May 2013

Aileen + Dan

Casual Wedding by a Pond with Dogs

Let’s make this clear: would I have the opportunity of planning our wedding all over again, I’d probably choose a venue offering bathing possibilities. I mean, who doesn’t like to dip one toe or two in some fresh water on a hot day? This is exactly what Aileen and Dan went for on their wedding day, and I love so much that their dogs were part of every single moment of their day! Guys please, if someone’s planning to have such a cool wedding by a pond, lake or else, send an invitation over! Photography by Paul Liebt Paula, out of Germany.



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