Sep 2014

Magali + Florent

Sweet French Wedding in Provence

Magali and Florent had a sweet wedding in Provence, a typical region of the South of France. I love the groom’s outfit and their beautiful tables (and I am definitely in love with those placemats!). Photography by Modern Hearts.



The wedding took place on the 7th of June 2014, in a typical Provençal “Mas”, in Arles in the South of France.
We wanted an authentic place in the middle of sunflower fields, olive trees and lavenders… Real surrounding for real story. We are 32 and 34 years old. We live in Antibes in the French Riviera in France, but we wanted to follow the french tradition, which is to get married into the bride’s family town. We met 5 years ago, and we have decided to have a baby first 2 years ago… So it was a wedding with our little daughter. It’s not very convenient but the symbolic was important for us. Our wedding was mostly composed of friends because we have a small family but we have many friends who came from all parts of France and they are so close for us that we consider them as family.


florent-magali-Modern-Heart-01 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-02 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-03 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-04 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-05 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-06 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-07 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-08 08p

Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret…
We regret that the time ran so fast. We had not enough time to spend with each guest who most of them came from far we live.


florent-magali-Modern-Heart-09 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-10 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-11 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-12 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-13 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-14

… And one thing that makes you proud.
Without any doubt, the non-religious celebration in open air !
We have totally delegated this part of our wedding to the bridesmaids and the best man.
They organised each moment, speeches, guests, the rings… We felt very touched by all the affection and love.


florent-magali-Modern-Heart-15 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-16 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-17 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-18 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-19 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-20 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-21 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-22 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-30florent-magali-Modern-Heart-23 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-24 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-25 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-26 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-27 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-28 florent-magali-Modern-Heart-29

You can see more pictures on the photographers’ blog here.

Jun 2013

Estonian Styled Shoot

A Romantic Countryside Styled Shoot in White and Blue

Well, I think I’m changing my mind about styled shoots; I may actually start to like them! This one was organized by Estonian duo Memory Makers and Gerry Sulp. I love the perfect wooden grandmother’s house, the beautiful and romantic setting, and the fact that so many old stuff were used to create this atmosphere… Actually our own place is filled with old kitchen tools that once belonged to my great grandmother or else, and I’m still using the good ol’ scale weight balance when I cook; I was kind of instantly charmed by those pictures! What about you? Photography by Gerry Sulp.



beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-01 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-02 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-03 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-04 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-05 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-06 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-07 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-08 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-09 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-10 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-11 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-12 beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-13beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-14beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-15beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-18beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-17beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-16beautiful-estonian-styled-shoot-19

Mar 2013

Mélanie + Matthew

Perfect French/ South African Wedding

I am super happy to share this wedding with you today: über-pretty dress and suit, a bus to take all your guests with you, an outdoor ceremony with an amazing landscape, entertainment (a mechanical bull!) and a beautiful venue. Besides, if countryside and flower fields is your thing (it’s totally mine), then you should definitely continue reading. Photography by Modern Hearts, based in South Africa.



Mélanie and Matthew are a French/ South African couple, that travel extensively, love food, wine, family & friends. Their wedding took place at the Warwick wine farm In Stellenbosch, South Africa.


MelanieMatthew-01 MelanieMatthew-02 MelanieMatthew-03 MelanieMatthew-04 MelanieMatthew-05 MelanieMatthew-06


Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret…

That it went so quickly!


MelanieMatthew-07 MelanieMatthew-08 MelanieMatthew-09 MelanieMatthew-10 MelanieMatthew-11 MelanieMatthew-12MelanieMatthew-13 MelanieMatthew-14 MelanieMatthew-15 MelanieMatthew-16 MelanieMatthew-17 MelanieMatthew-18 MelanieMatthew-19


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

The Moustaches and the mechanical bull!


MelanieMatthew-20 MelanieMatthew-21 MelanieMatthew-22 MelanieMatthew-23 MelanieMatthew-24 MelanieMatthew-25 MelanieMatthew-26 MelanieMatthew-27 MelanieMatthew-28 MelanieMatthew-29 MelanieMatthew-30

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