Feb 2013

Karin + Fred

Fun and Casual Brazilian Wedding With a Colorful Origami Paper Arch

I’m glad to share a colorful wedding filled with emotion today, that should cheer you up on this beginning of the week! Photography credit: brazilian duo Frankie e Marília. Oh, and Karin and Fred also have a band – you can check it out here.



Fred and Karin had known each other for six years, working together as journalists at the same place. After six years of being “just colleagues”, they started wondering: Why is it that we never dated? But then, just when they were ready to start something, it was already Christmas and both went back to their families. Karin spent New Year’s Eve at the beach… ignoring that some friends of her would give a complete stranger, Fred, a lift to join her and surprise her that very night! One year after, while walking back home after a night of samba, in the middle of the street, at dawn, Fred proposed to Karin.

The wedding took place in Embu das Artes (the exact place is called Espaço Galiileu), about half an hour away from São Paulo, Brazil.




Name one thing you regret…

I would say the choice of the DJ. We decided to go with a big and renowned firm, but it came out, they didn’t really understand the kind of music we wanted—and it’s not like we didn’t send a very long list of songs. We were lucky that some friends of ours took over on the desk – they rocked!




… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

We’re happy to have stayed who we are. I’m glad we had all our DIY details, our friends and family helping us with the invitations, our decoration at the altar, the cookies. I’m also happy with the 500 origami paper birds that I folded one by one, and to have put some books on the tables as a decoration. I’m happy we discovered this samba band at carnival. I’m happy with the party and our photographers. Well, I could go on forever!



Feb 2013

Denisa + Ioanis

A Couple Session with Heart Garlands and Sheeps

I love this series of pictures and I’m really excited to finally share it with you. Of course, as a garland lover, I could not remain insensitive to those little hearts. With that being said, I can’t deny I’m feeling kind of proud that this series also includes a few pictures of an animal yet not represented on the blog—there are shee(…)eeps!! Yeah, you know me… Very sweet couple + pictures captured by the so very talented Dragos & Laura of Be Light Photography, out of Romania.



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Jan 2013

Joost + Carolien

A Sofa at the Altar and a Gigantic Paper Flower Arch

Sitting on a sofa during your wedding ceremony… Crazy, right? Well, not for these two! And wait, did I say “sofa”, like normal-looking sofa? It was a beautiful. maroon. leather. chesterfield. sofa. Photography credit: Sjoerd Booij, from The Netherlands.



So, they had a sofa. They also had a gigantic paper flower arch… and their whole wedding was 100% DIY. From the couple:

We decorated almost everything ourselves. We made a big arch entirely out of paper folded flowers and paper windmills. We also made 150 origami birds, which we hung in a tent at the entry.


Name one thing you regret…

Maybe inviting less people, instead of 250 invitations, 200 attending, I would rather invite 150.


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

During the ceremony we sat on a beautiful old leather sofa, overlooking all of our dear friends and family. We could feel the love and warmth.


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