Nov 2014

Mariella + Jakub

Laid-Back Wedding in Czech Republic

Mariella & Jakub got married after 19 years of relationship! It was actually a tough 2013 that made them want to have a fresh start… So they called their friend Isabelle of Plumière to capture the day for them and off they went to Czech Republic, where the groom’s originally from. I love the vibe of this very laid-back wedding!



The wedding happened on the 20th of September 2014, in ‘Doubice‘, part of the Czech Republic called ‘Bohemian Switzerland‘, next to a huge national park.

After 19 years of relationship and a really messy year 2013 we decided to bond together forever. So we kinda left the evil years behind a ended with a new beginning. The fun fact about the wedding was that my father officiated the ceremony. He’s the mayor of the village so he has the official perdition to do so.

We had a small and private celebration, a grand firework provided by the brides father, who used to be a fire fighter. That was really amazing and everybody had 3-D glasses on that projected little visual hearts into the fireworks, so we’ve been all shouting and yelling from the deepest if our happy bodies and minds :)


plumière-wedding-czech-republic-01plumière-wedding-czech-republic-03plumière-wedding-czech-republic-02plumière-wedding-czech-republic-04 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-05 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-06 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-07 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-08

Name one thing you regret…

Never allow your friends to take pictures especially during the ceremony. In fact if you book a professional photographer like Isabella no one else should take any shots. And tell anybody to NOT put the pics on Facebook or other social networks, if you don’t want any bad surprises…


plumière-wedding-czech-republic-09 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-10 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-11 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-12

… And one thing that makes you proud.

Stay cool. It’s your celebration, the grand day, everything is about you and nobody else. Anyone got a problem, it shouldn’t be yours. Enjoy, don’t stress, take fresh air on a regular basis and be happy. Smile, because it’s so easy.


plumière-wedding-czech-republic-13 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-14 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-15 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-16 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-17 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-18 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-19 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-20 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-21 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-22 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-23 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-24 plumière-wedding-czech-republic-25

Nov 2014

Camilla + Pierre-Antoine

A Pink Pastel Dress for a Retro Wedding in Milano with the Best Wedding Hairstyle Ever

Camilla and Pierre-Antoine are such a cool couple! Not only do they both look stunning (ok, especially Camilla – I don’t know what the girl’s been doing with her hair but I want it for myself!!) but I also loved what they shared about the organisation of their wedding. I really encourage you to read their story, which I have to admit, reminded me a bit of our own wedding – especially for the drunk-too-soon part (except that I don’t regret it, HA!). Photos were taken by Bianco Photography, based in London UK.



The wedding took place on May 10, 2014 in Milan Italy. From the bride.

I’m Italian and he is French so the main issues were wine, food and the big dilemma: champagne or prosecco? In the end I won and it was all pure Italian :).
We did not want to have a traditional wedding, we strongly believe that the real commitment is the one you take in front of your family and friends.. not by signing some stupid paper. Our best friend Michele performed the ceremony, we had three best men each and I also had 2 additional bridesmaid. During the ceremony they all said something personal about us and then we exchanged our wedding bands.
Our cake was a dark chocolate one with raspberries everywhere.
We have a very peculiar music taste. We hired a rockabilly band. All the music from the “apero” until 2AM was pure American rock and roll from the 50s.


bianco-photography-milan-wedding-01 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-02 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-03 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-04 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-06bianco-photography-milan-wedding-05

Name on thing you regret…

The only thing I regret is that I was not able to fully enjoy this moment. I was too stressed checking if people were having fun. I was also a bit drunk too soon. :)


bianco-photography-milan-wedding-07 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-08 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-09 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-10 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-11 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-12 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-13 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-14 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-15 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-16 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-17 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-18

… And one thing that makes you proud.

1) As per the food, we decided to keep it simple and this choice paid out.
All tables (just 3 long tables) were set but there was no service at the table.
2) Every time I went to wedding I ran out of cigarettes. For this reason, we bought a big box of Marlboro Lights and put cigarettes everywhere. People loved it.


bianco-photography-milan-wedding-19 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-20 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-21 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-22 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-23 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-24 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-25 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-26 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-27 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-28 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-29 bianco-photography-milan-wedding-30

The word of the photographer.

I first met Camilla and Pierre-Antoine in a little lovely pub here in London: they both live and work here, and I immediately felt they could have been rather friends than clients to me. Their wedding was exactely like them: classy and wonderful. Villa Necchi was a stunning location in the heart of Milan, and I was totally raptured by the Villa’s indoor. The whole party was perfectly set up by MADA, AFM banqueting and Faglioni Wedding, and liven up by the amazing band The Shakers – best 50s and 60s band ever! I feel so incredibly honoured to had the chance being at their side in such a wonderful day indeed.

Aug 2014

Ringaile + Gytis

Beautiful Classic Wedding in Lithuania

There’s nothing wrong about “classic weddings”. And to be honest, at a time where non-traditional weddings have become the new trend and all start looking the same, that is one unclear notion… Some people told me that they liked this blog because they never knew what was coming next, so let’s break the routine once more and enjoy this very beautiful, classic wedding, from Lithuania. I may be all the opposite of the princess kind of girl, but this bride makes me wanna be in her dress! Check out the beautiful photos taken by Lina Aiduke Photography, definitely a new crush!



The wedding took place on the 30th of May, 2014, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The couple wrote to me “We did not like each other at all when we met for the first time. :)”; I guess love and hate are indeed, not very different sentiments.

  classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-03 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-04classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-01 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-02

Name ont thing you regret…

Nothing to regret. Time passed too quickly, even if we went to bed at 6:00 AM :)


classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-05 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-06 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-07 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-08classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-10 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-11

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

Friends had to fly in from all different parts of the world as India, Indonesia – Bali, USA, Caribbean, Norway, Germany, UK, Cyprus – we are proud and happy to have so many true friends.


classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-12 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-13 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-14 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-15 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-16 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-17 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-18 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-19 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-20 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-21 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-22 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-23

The word of the photographer.

As a photographer I could say that Rigaile & Gytis both are super out-going and full of emotions.
They trusted me – so I brought them to the swamp. The location was already enough to get great photos of couple full of love and personality.
I was very excited all day long.

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