Jan 2013

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen

Some Cool Photos of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I’d like to start 2013 with something I had in mind for a while. I love weddings, I love photography, so why not change the recipe for once? Well, that’s my answer: themed posts with some of the best pictures I found. This post is on bridesmaids and groomsmen. But don’t worry if this theme wouldn’t have been your first theme choice, because, such posts will happen again!!



#1 by John Shim

001-John Shim


#2 by Leslee Mitchell

002-Leslee Mitchell-2


#3 by John Shim

003-John Shim


#4 by Fabio Borgatto



#5 by Leslee Mitchell

004-Leslee Mitchell-3


#6 by Esther Julee



#7 by Kim Miller

006-K Miller


#8 by Lakshal Perera



#9 by Carey Nash

007-Carey Nash


#10, #11 & #12 by Shari & Mike

008-Shari Mike 009-Shari Mike 010-Shari Mike


#13 & #14 by Ela and the Poppies

011-Ela Poppies-1 012-Ela Poppies-2


#15, #16 & #17 by Shari & Mike

013-Shari Mike 014-Shari Mike


#18 & 19 by Esther Julee



#20 by Leslee Mitchell

015-Leslee Mitchell-1


#21, #22 & #23 by Shari & Mike

016-Shari Mike 017-Shari Mike

Happy new year!
(The next theme is “Wedding Dress Shots”, go submit your files!)

Nov 2012

Tuuli + Teet

Amazing Couple Session with a Cow

For all countryside lovers, animal lovers, photography lovers, and oh well, everyone else, because this is huge! Amazing couple session by Mait Jüriado, from Estonia! There are some people we’d actually like to know; Tuuli and Teet, I think we could be friends.



Teet is a musician in a band called Jäääär, in which Tuuli appears as a guest performer from time to time. And these are their wedding pictures, taken in Viru-Jaagupi, in the North-East of Estonia. You may also rapidly notice Allu, a regular at beauty contests.



Allu was trained to walk for shows hence chosen for this shooting. You may be disappointed to not find any information about the dress and headpiece, but maybe as me, you’ll like Tuuli’s concept of a wedding dress:

As we liked the idea of our wedding being a natural part of our life and not something standalone, we thought that it would be great if we could use our clothes later on as well. My dress was combined – it was two-part, the upper part being purchased from a little wooden shop in my hometown Pärnu about 4 years ago (with no intention of wearing it at my wedding) and the skirt sewn by my mother-in-law a few weeks before our wedding party. My headband was almost improvisational, a thin silky scarf that I tied around my hair.

I think I love her dress even more now!




Thanks a lot for sharing those pictures with us, and wish you all the best!

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