May 2013

Florestine + Silvain

Engagement Shoot at the Eiffel Tower with a Bed and Pajamas (or, the Day I Organised a Styled Shoot)

I honestly don’t know how much OMG’s have been exchanged between Leslee and I since we did the shoot, how many times we’ve both been wanting to share a photo or two on our respective Facebook pages and then refrained from doing it… Today I can finally tell you what I’ve been up to a couple of weeks ago: I organised my first photo shoot! Photography: Leslee Mitchell.



Let me tell you the story behind it. In April, Leslee and Elodie of Photography by Winter organised a workshop. Both were going to be in Paris for a few days and Elodie asked if I wanted to take the opportunity to organise a styled shoot with Leslee. I first thought: “OMG YES!!” – this was the first actual thing (I mean, in real life) I was asked to do since I started the blog; I was obviously thrilled! My second thought was “But I actually think styled shoots are kind of boring.”… Now what, call everything off? This was not an option, so instead, I decided that If I were in charge of organising this photo shoot, it would have to be something else! And I came up with a craaazy idea. Luckily, Leslee is as crazy as I am and thought the idea was brilliant. So, we headed to the Champs de Mars, put a bed in front of the Eiffel tower, found a couple who’d agree to wear pajamas, and just did the damn shoot.

First anecdote. You need to know everything was decided very late, so that I did not find wedding planners to work with and well, how to put that? All the stuff we used for the shoot came from our appartement. So yop, that’s our sheets, our old wooden crates, our lamp, our giraffe. :-)

Second anecdote. Between the day of the shoot, and today, this couple actually got engaged!! Congratulation guys, and many thanks for being part of this.


photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-02pphoto-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-02photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-01photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-03 photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-04 photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-06 photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-07photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-09 photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-10paris-engagement-leslee-mitchell-0006photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-12photo-shoot-at-the-eiffel-tower-with-a-bed-and-pajamas-13

Apr 2013


Cool Photos of Cool Wedding Guests

If this post doesn’t cheer you up, then I don’t know what possibly could! Huge thanks to the photographers for letting me share some very cool pictures! Another reason I love this post is, once again, details at weddings are great, but let me tell you something: other things also are great at weddings… for instance, your guests! So Mrs. Bride and Mr. Groom, would you please stop caring about all the little things you forgot or went wrong, listen to the music and just party with your friends and family!



#1 by André Wygledacz.


01 - André


#2 by Bjarte Edvardsen.


02 - Bjarte


#3 by Mateus Montoni.


03 - MateusMontoni


#4 by Cecilia Aiscurri.


04 - Cecilia_Aiscurri1


#5 by Manel Tamayo (The Flying Buddha).


05 - Manel


#6 by Martin Sedacca.


06 - MartinSedacca


#7 by Carey Nash.


07 - Carey Nash - French Kiss


#8 by Be Light photography.


08 - Be-Light


#9 & 10 by Cecilia Aiscurri.


09 - Cecilia_Aiscurri2 10 - Cecilia_Aiscurri3


#11 by Frankie e Marília.


10 - FrankieeMarilia


#12 by Leslee Mitchell.


11 - LesleeMitchell


#13 by Carey Nash.


12 - Carey Nash


#14 by Sergio Muricy.


13 - SergioMuricy


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Apr 2013

Magda + Marek

Session in Iceland with Amazing Landscapes and a Fearless Bride

I love people acting crazy, not trying to follow the regular rules and trends, people who do things because it simply sounded like fun at one moment. I mean, if you’re not hurting yourself or someone else (obviously), what’s holding you back? So, when I first saw the picture of this couple taking a bath in a water hole, in the middle of nowhere, I thought “That’s the kind of fun I want to show”. Then, I took a look at the entire session, the beautiful Iceland landscapes and everything, and I thought “No, I actually want to go there and have the exact same day Magda and Marek had!”. Photographs by Bartek Wyrobek, out of Poland.



Bartek-00Bartek-01 Bartek-000Bartek-02Bartek-03Bartek-04Bartek-05 Bartek-06 Bartek-08 Bartek-10Bartek-09Bartek-11Bartek-12Bartek-13 Bartek-14Bartek-15 Bartek-16 Bartek-24Bartek-17 Bartek-18 Bartek-19

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