Dec 2012

Jessica + Justin

Australian Wedding Full of Emotions and a Unique DIY Altar

Jessica and Justin are beautiful, so was their wedding and so are their wedding pictures. So much emotion emanates from these two that it’s actually contagious! Photography credit: Jonathan Ong from Australia—but who’ll be wandering in Europe next July and August for those who would still be looking for a photographer… À bon entendeur, salut!



I love Jess and Justin’s stories. There, I said it. Jess and Justin, the meeting.

One of the first things Justin said to me nearly 8 years ago was “If you really grew up in Fiji, there’s a hula competition at the university bar tonight. Prove it”  I’m not the best hip shaker but admittedly I was trying very hard! I won the competition (and a husband).

The wedding took place at Stones of the Yarra Valley, a bit over an hour out of Melbourne, Australia.



Jess and Justin, the proposal.

We were in a park near our home in Yarraville when Justin proposed. He was strumming his guitar, seated on the ground whilst I was swinging on the swing set near by. He changed the words to a song to incorporate ” Will you marry me” I corrected him with the right lyrics three times before realising what he was doing!!




Name one thing you regret…

Not a single thing.



… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of:

We love our photos. We didn’t have a videographer so it was important our photos were going to be ones that ticked the ‘great coverage’ box. Jonathon Ong made that happen and so much more.




Jessica and Justin, thanks for sharing these memories. Wish you all the best!

Oct 2012

Elizabeth + Kevin

Beautiful Colorful Wedding with a Perfect Venue

The wedding below is, for some reason, one of the weddings I appreciated the most during the two years I’ve been browsing the internet looking for weddings. So I guess you can imagine how happy I am to have it up on the blog! I first saw it on Green Wedding Shoes and I could not get it out of my head. I particularly love the colors and the way they are emphasized by the effect added to the photos. And… doesn’t it look perfect with the design of our website? ^^ Thanks to Heidi of Our labor of Love in the US for letting us share this amazing job, and congratulations to Elizabeth and Kevin for a perfect wedding!



The wedding took place at Terrain, a garden center and home store owned by Urban Outfitters in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA.


The overall vibe of the ceremony and reception were very important to us. Despite the tremendous amount of detail that we infused into every part of the wedding, we wanted it to feel relaxed, magical and most importantly fun for both ourselves and our guests.


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