Feb 2013

Kati + Matt

Canadian Wedding with Lots of Beautiful Details

I don’t want to tell you the end of this story before you even start reading it, but this couple managed to gather all the ingredients a couple could dream of for their wedding:
1/ The place. I mean, did they manage to rent a whole region for their wedding?! And those mountains… 2/ The venue – an ancient wooden waterwheel at the ceremony and a dinner under the open sky. 3/ The weather, so that the dinner under the open sky actually turned into a dinner beneath the stars. Not to talk about the a.ma.zing light that flooded around the couple for their pictures. 4/ Details, details and more details (in love with the sheet music placemats). 5/ Style: love the groom’s attire and the bride’s headpiece. 6/ Rad photographers.
Did I forget to mention something? Oh yes, sure, the car. Photography credit: Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography (Vancouver, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden).



Kati and Matt’s wedding took place in an Okanagan village called Keremeos, about 5 hours east of Vancouver, Canada. In the words of the newlyweds:

Our wedding was a dreamy, intimate celebration with a sunset ceremony and dinner at dusk.


NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-001 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-002 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-003NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-005NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-004NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-008NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0006a NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-007


Name one thing you regret…

It was perfect, we wouldn’t change a thing.


NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-009 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0010 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0011 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0012 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0014 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0013NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0015bis


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

Every last detail was a reflection of Matt and I as a couple, from the vintage sheet music placemats to the organic vegetarian family style meal.  We wanted all of the senses to be enticed with wonderful smells, soft linens, warm dessert air, twinkling lights, and delicious food.


NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0016 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0017 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0018 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0019 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0021NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0020NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0022NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0023 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0024 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0025 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0026 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0028 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0027NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0029 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0030 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0031 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0032 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0033 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0034 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0035 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0036 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0037 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0038 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0039 NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0040NordicaPhotography-KatiMatt-0041

Jan 2013

Karen + Rowan

A Cute Wedding with Fantastic Lighting at the Ceremony and Pretty Little Details

What would you give to have your wedding ceremony take place in such a fantastic place? Not to talk about all the pretty little details. And the beautiful pictures by Bruce and Rebecca of Love Made Visible. Enter the magic…



Name one thing you regret…

We have no regrets. Some people have found this hard to believe, but we had the most fun, fantastic day, and wouldn’t change a thing.


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

From the start we believed that the three key elements of a great wedding are an awesome crowd, a relaxed program, and a good DJ. Our family and friends were all fabulous, fulfilling the first criteria. We had a very casual order-of-events, which kept the party flowing nicely. And DJ Tjopper kept the dance floor packed all night. We’re also really glad we skipped the portrait session to spend some extra time with our guests, and that we didn’t get all stressed over the finer details of the decor and food, trusting instead the professionals to do what they’re good at.


Jan 2013

Joost + Carolien

A Sofa at the Altar and a Gigantic Paper Flower Arch

Sitting on a sofa during your wedding ceremony… Crazy, right? Well, not for these two! And wait, did I say “sofa”, like normal-looking sofa? It was a beautiful. maroon. leather. chesterfield. sofa. Photography credit: Sjoerd Booij, from The Netherlands.



So, they had a sofa. They also had a gigantic paper flower arch… and their whole wedding was 100% DIY. From the couple:

We decorated almost everything ourselves. We made a big arch entirely out of paper folded flowers and paper windmills. We also made 150 origami birds, which we hung in a tent at the entry.


Name one thing you regret…

Maybe inviting less people, instead of 250 invitations, 200 attending, I would rather invite 150.


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

During the ceremony we sat on a beautiful old leather sofa, overlooking all of our dear friends and family. We could feel the love and warmth.


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