Mar 2014

Eliza + Seth

Ruined Church Wedding in Guatemala

Eliza and Seth’s relation withstood the 2 years Seth was away doing a bike trip from Alaska to Argentina… They decided to get married after his return, and naturally chose a town Seth had travelled through during his trip, which happened to be Antigua in Guatemala… And what a perfect choice! I love when brides and grooms put a lot of effort into creating a cosy atmosphere for their wedding, but when the place already has as much natural character as the ruined church of San Jose el Viejo, a few candles and flowers are just what’s needed for a unique result! And don’t you love the pictures of the bride getting ready on the roofs? All photos are quite exceptional; they were taken by Davina + Daniel, a photographer duo based in Montreal, Canada and New-York City, USA.



The wedding was in Antigua, Guatemala on January 18th, 2014. From the bride:
Seth and I made a great team for the planning process. He was the numbers guy and I was on the aesthetics. We wanted a classic, romantic wedding. Our venue, San Jose el Viejo, was built in the 1700’s, so all we really needed were candles and flowers to make our vision come to life. Having 100 of our favorite people celebrating with us is what really made it the night/weekend of our lives.

Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-01 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-02 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-03 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-04 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-05 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-06 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-07 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-08 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-09 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-10 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-11 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-12

Name one thing you regret…

I regret not taking off my high heels (emphasis on the HIGH) earlier than I did!  My big toe was numb for two weeks after the wedding. Other than that, everything was perfect.


Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-13 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-14 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-15 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-16 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-18 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-19 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-20 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-21

And one thing you’re really happy about. proud of.

I can’t name just one. We could not be happier with our choice of location. Antigua was the perfect backdrop for our festivities. Our friends and family made the wedding what it was- magical. Aaaand of course, our photographers Davina and Daniel blew our minds with the most beautiful photos we could have ever dreamed of.


Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-22 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-23 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-24 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-25 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-26 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-27 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-28 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-29 Beautiful-Wedding-Venue-Guatemala-Davina-Daniel-30

The word of the photographers.

Fate can be a funny thing. Eliza and Seth met a few years ago, just as Seth was preparing to embark on the journey of a lifetime: a two year bicycle trip from Alaska to Argentina. With timing this unfortunate, one might think that this relationship just wasn’t meant to be, yet something kept these two interested in each other during that entire time, and they picked things up again upon Seth’s return… for good!

Eliza had clearly left a lasting impression, and so did the town of La Antigua, Guatemala, which Seth visited during his trip. When he and Eliza decided to tie the knot, a destination wedding was a must and Antigua was at the top of the list. The pair told us that they solidified that choice when they saw images from Kristiaan and Lionel’s wedding which we photographed two years ago. This magical little town was one of our favorite locations in the world, and we were thrilled that Eliza and Seth wanted us to return to document their turn at the altar.

There wedding brought about a most impressive turnout considering the distant location, with close to a hundred friends and family enthusiastically joining in on the celebrations. With the romantic, candlelit ruins of San Jose El Viejo as a backdrop for both the ceremony and reception, everyone in attendance was simply blown away by the beauty of it all. We were able to incorporate even more of Antigua when we explored the town with Eliza and Seth the next day for their day-after portrait session. They were complete troopers, posing in the street as hundreds of locals and tourists peered on curiously, or kicking dust around on the mountain after sunset. We rely so heavily on the keenness and patience of our couples to pull off these fun portraits, and we could not have asked for more willing participants than Eliza and Seth.

We had an absolute blast with these two and we look forward to a growing friendship with them. A huge thank-you to them for their trust and enthusiasm in the photography process, and an equally huge thank-you to our associate Adam for coming along with us and giving us an extra set of eyes (and arms!) to help this pregnant photographer out!


Mar 2014

Anni + Rauno

Fall Inspired Wedding from Estonia

I confess, I am totally obsessed with their car. But not just that; they also have a super cute cat wearing a bowtie, and all the little touches of yellow and orange are just perfect for this fall inspired wedding! The very nice pictures were taken by Gerry Sulp, out of Estonia.


The wedding took place on October 5, 2013. The ceremony was held at our home-town’s (Tartu, Estonia) railway station, an old building which was recently renovated.
Our wedding car belonged to my grandfather, then to my mother, and now me and my husband. Rauno started to fix it (it was a bit dented and rusty and… well, an old car) about 6 months before the wedding and it was his major project. It was Rauno’s most important wish that he could be the one driving it on our wedding day.
We were very close with my mom, Rauno thought of her as his own… and we both don’t have very good relationships with our fathers. My mom passed away, sadly, in January. One of her biggest goals in life (she was fighting cancer) was to see our wedding day… which she did.
We wanted a fall wedding and the day before and the day after our wedding, it was raining and cloudy but on the 5th of October the weather was sunny and perfect!
So we started to plan the wedding, we made to-do-list by month and we kept to the list. We had wedding meetings with my mum and my two best friends the weeks before the wedding day, we thought about where the cars were gonna park, who was going to be sitting in whose car, etc. We really thought about every little logistical detail. We were joking that we (me and Rauno) did all the hard work for a year and two months (all the pre-planning and handycraft) and my bridesmaids Kairi and Maarja did everything on that one special day. I had written a 10-page long vision of the wedding with every little detail for my bridesmaids Kairi and Maarja, so that they would know our wishes exactly. It worked out perfectly because EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING) went according to plan. And that’s what made it special for us. I’m a big planner in life as well, I like my things organised, and the wedding day of an organised person has to be very well organised. :)
I recommend envisioning the day in your mind and really thinking through the details. That is how I found out the “critical” things and was able to think about them in advance. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. And even if things go a little south, it is still the best day of your life!

estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-01 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-02 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-03 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-04estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-06 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-07 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-08 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-09 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-10 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-11 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-12 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-13 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-14 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-05

Name on thing you regret…

Regrets? I think it is safe to say: NONE! It took many sleepless nights and many discussions and many-many-many hours of working, buying things, making things, talking to people etc – but everything was exactly like we wanted it to be. As I said… we didn’t have even the slightest glitches or mishaps, although we were prepared for almost everything. HAHA! I just remembered one thing. Since I’m not big on make-up and hair-do’s or all that girly stuff, I like it quite natural, I didn’t want to use any hair products on my hair-do (actually it wasn’t that I did not WANT to, the thought just never occurred to me since I do not OWN any hair products). But in retrospective, the wind was pretty strong that day and maybe a little hairspray would have been necessary. But like I said, I like everything natural, so it really didn’t bother me that much.


estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-15 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-16 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-17 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-18 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-19 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-20 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-21 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-22

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I’m HAPPY about all the things about my wedding day. Even the stressful planning. But the thing I’m most proud of – is my world’s greatest husband! When we were planning the whole thing, I read about many weddings and many girls/women planning their wedding. And somehow it always seemed… that the wedding (for the most part, there are always exceptions) is more important for women. And not so much for men. And it is totally normal because men are not really that into this – they just want to hear the “I do” from the person they love most in the world. But not my man! Rauno was always 100% involved, thinking about every little detail, spending many nights with me and the paper cutter… I literally did not have to do anything alone, I always had my maid of honour – my Rauno (that was I joke I often made, that I didn’t need a maid of honor because I already have Rauno).


estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-23estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-30estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-25 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-26 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-27 estonian-orange-themed-wedding-short-wedding-dress-gerry-sulp-28

Feb 2014

Elo + Matt

Alice in Wonderland Themed Photoshoot

Today I’m sharing the cute Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot of Elo & Matt, two lovebirds from France. The photographs were taken near Grenoble, France, by their friend Marie-Laure of Blanc Coco Photographe. Enjoy!



alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-00 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-01alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-03 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-04 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-05 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-06 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-07 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-08 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-09alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-11 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-13alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-14 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-12alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-15 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-16 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-17 alice-wonderland-photoshoot-blanc-coco-18

The word of the photographer.

Matt & Elo are friends. When they asked me to photograph their love session, I knew that they would care about every little detail and make it reflect their beautiful world. They chose two different places, one by a small lake in the middle of the forest, the other under a centenary oak, both in the region of Grenoble, France.
This session will remain for me unforgettable: my friends, a wonderful setting and the perfect light. Pure pleasure!


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