Mar 2014

Jessica + Mike

A Yellow and Green Themed Wedding Close to Nature in Canada

Jessica and Mike had a beautiful and relaxed wedding close to nature in Canada. They like to host dinner parties at home – lots of home-style food and loud music – and wanted everyone to feel confortable on their wedding day, just as if it would be at home… Apparently, the bride’s 80+ year old grandmother ended up dancing to the band playing Footloose, so I guess we can call this a success! I love their ceremony backdrop, the idea of using song names for the different tables and the venue with all those windows looking onto the surrounding nature! Photography by Tomasz Wagner, out of Vancouver, Canada.



The wedding took place on July 13, 2013, at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Center in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

After Mike proposed, our toughest decision was which province to have the wedding. Once we decided on British Columbia, Whistler was an obvious choice. The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre was such a fun venue, with attributes like a beautiful outdoor space and the Istken Hall, which is a unique round room made up of all windows that shows off the gorgeous scenery. It would have been impossible to pass up. After that, all the decisions came easily thanks to Jessica Minnie at Petite Pearl Events. She was so integral to making our day easy and special that I can’t rave about her enough. It was Jessica that put us in contact with Tomasz Wagner, whose photos were exactly what we were looking for in terms of style. We didn’t want anything overtly wedding-y, and what we got with Tomasz was beautiful fine art photos that happened to be of our wedding. Perfect. Mike and I love to open our home to family and friends. Jessica Minnie coordinated Whistler Cooks and the Last Scene, our caterer and band respectively. They were so perfect that it seemed as if people were coming to dinner at our home.

Of the whole day, the top moments started early and continued until the band played the last song. An early morning run with my mom will forever be such a great memory, and we followed that up with a huge group of the women both in and invited to the wedding being part of a private morning yoga practice before we started getting ready. I’ll never forget the first time my stepdad saw me in my dress and the look on his face, which was right before I saw the look on Mike’s face and his huge grin. Walking down the aisle to Mark Woodyard playing ‘Longing to Belong’ was beautiful, I only wish it had been a longer aisle. Right after we said our vows and turned to the crowd of family and friends was when it hit me that we were both having such a fun day and then ‘holy cow all these people are here to do this with us, how great is that?!’. After our first dance, the band started playing and got everyone on the dance floor. It was never empty the rest of the night! The only time people took time out from dancing was to hit up the Polaroid Photobooth set up outside, which was a huge hit with all our guests. When we finally headed back to the hotel, a short walk from the venue, we took a moment to look up and see the beautiful clear night absolutely filled with stars and knew that it had been our perfect, perfect day.

Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-01 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-02Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-05Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-04Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-06 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-07 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-08 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-09 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-10 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-11 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-12 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-13 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-14 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-15

Name one thing you regret…

Whistler Cooks did such a beautiful job on the family-style dinner and in particular the salads. We wish that we had thought of cute takeaway containers as there was so much left over that our guests expressed they would have loved to take them home. It’s nice to have wedding food that people rave about and remember!


Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-16 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-17 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-18 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-19 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-21Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-20 tomasz-wagner-photography-2Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-23 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-24 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-25 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-26 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-27 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-28

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

Everyone had such a great time, we were just so happy to have a party that was so close to hosting all the people we love to our home.


Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-29 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-32Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-30 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-31Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-33 Squamish Lil-Wat-Cultural-Center-Wedding-Tomasz-Wagner-34

The word of the photographer.

Thinking back, the whole day mirrored Jessica and Mike to a T. Both were happy to keep the event simple and understated, which really only helped amplify the sense of closeness between all of the attendees. The groom, who was full of nerves, took solace in the brotherly advice of his cohorts and that same support was mirrored, if perhaps softened, in the bride’s room. The ceremony was short and sweet. Anxious excitement melted into tears of joy which then flipped back to smiles and laughter.

Once the formalities were dispensed with, we stole the wedding party away for a quick jaunt through the surrounding forest where the couple could collect their thoughts and bask in the reflection of their newly cemented nuptials. The light peeking through the overgrowth was spectacular and I can still remember how excited I was to see the images on a larger screen. The ethereal greens and flares still vivid in my memory.

The calm eventually gave way to a raucous celebration of drinking and dancing at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre. A live band played the group into the night where our very own Polaroid Photobooth was a huge hit.

Thank you, Jess and Mike, for letting me share in your special day. It won’t soon be forgotten!

Nov 2013

Cynthia + Arnaud 2

French DIY Forest Wedding – Part 2

If you haven’t been here this morning, then you’ve missed part one of this forest wedding. Don’t look any further, you need to see part one first. My sister already said a lot of things about her wedding, so maybe it’s my turn now. It was a lot of fun preparing this wedding, though I may have done a bit too much, I don’t know… you tell me!! Photography by Mait Jüriado.



You may see tarps on some pictures, you know, those plastic sheetings… It rained. And, it was freezing. It’s actually funny: I took a few days off before the wedding to get the place ready and the whole week, there was a beautiful warm sun. We were sitting there in the late afternoon the whole week, thinking “What a beautiful light we’re gonna have at this time of the day!”.

We’re not stupid folks, I mean, wedding in the woods, end of August, France…. the chances that the weather was going be kind were small. So we booked some tents, you know, just in case. But until the previous day, the weather forecast was sun + hot, so we cancelled the reservation!

On the Saturday morning, we woke up to a grey sky, and I’m not maintaining any suspense here, it just got worse; the guests were supposed to arrive at 5pm, it started raining at 4. Fortunately, by the time it was 5, it stopped, and we still could have the ceremony outside! It wasn’t only misfortune though, as the sky was mostly threatening but barely any rain drops fell in the end.

Besides the beautiful rays of sunlight we did not have, rain didn’t waste the day. The other problem we had to face, as if risk of rain ruining everything wasn’t enough, was the cold. My mum had a brilliant idea though: my grandmother used to knee lots of sweaters for us, and my mother thought it would be a good idea to bring them all, in case the people staying late would end up feeling cold (just a lesson learned from our own wedding!). We didn’t imagine we would need them at 8pm, but still, we’re happy we had them. And the good thing is, there was a chimney that we thought it would be weird to use… Well, it wasn’t at all!


diy-wedding-woods-36 diy-wedding-woods-37 diy-wedding-woods-38 diy-wedding-woods-39 diy-wedding-woods-40 diy-wedding-woods-41 diy-wedding-woods-43 diy-wedding-woods-44 diy-wedding-woods-45 diy-wedding-woods-46 diy-wedding-woods-47 diy-wedding-woods-4893diy-wedding-woods-51 diy-wedding-woods-52 diy-wedding-woods-53diy-wedding-woods-75diy-wedding-woods-55diy-wedding-woods-56

There’s another particularity in these pictures: wolves. I guess you don’t see that very often at weddings! The whole wolves thing was actually decided very late. Everything started from a joke between the photographer Mait, my sister and I. When she accidentally said she wanted wolves at her wedding, I kept thinking how I was going to make an allusion to that joke when I finally had an idea.

I think it took me a few reassuring & supporting phone calls before I had the courage to expose my plan to all the guests… I had the feeling it was either super cool or super lame but I didn’t know exactly which one of the two it would be. The idea was to make the most possible guests wear a wolf mask and learn a choreography to Michael Jackson’s Thriller song. But that’s not it. They would have to hide somewhere in the forest without my sister and Arnaud noticing, and then slowly approach as the music began, to be on the dance floor precisely for the beginning of the choreography. Ahem. I was impressed by how many of them thought the idea was good!

I won’t lie to you though, it looks great on pictures and all, but nobody knew exactly what to do (even me, who was supposed to lead the group!), we couldn’t see through the mask holes, which clearly didn’t help, and didn’t make it to the dance floor the first time! But it was so much fun!!!! And it doesn’t look that bad on the pictures, doesn’t it?


diy-wedding-woods-57 diy-wedding-woods-58 diy-wedding-woods-59diy-wedding-woods-66pdiy-wedding-woods-72diy-wedding-woods-63 diy-wedding-woods-64diy-wedding-woods-65 diy-wedding-woods-66 diy-wedding-woods-76diy-wedding-woods-67 diy-wedding-woods-68 diy-wedding-woods-69 diy-wedding-woods-70diy-wedding-woods-71diy-wedding-woods-73 diy-wedding-woods-74

You can see even more pictures on the photographer’s blog here.

Nov 2013

Cynthia + Arnaud 1

French DIY Forest Wedding – Part 1

This is it! I’m finally showing the pictures of my sister’s forest wedding! It’s always hard to make a selection of the pictures I receive, it’s even harder when you’re emotionally connected to them. So just this once, I split the reportage into two parts; this is part one, part two will be released this very afternoon! Now, about this wedding… so many things to say! I think I got involved in the planning and design more than for my own wedding, which makes the “wedding blues” (the thing you feel when your wedding’s over and there’s no wedding related stuff to care about anymore, some of you may know!) even harder. Actually, I was pretty sure that night that I would end up going to bed at 11pm: when everything was finally going well without my help, I thought “ok, mission accomplished” and then suddenly realized how tired I was! But fortunately, coffee exists, and helped me make it through the night! Anyway, nothing of this matters, as my greatest reward was to see Cynthia & Arnaud stressless, enjoying their day just the way I wished they would. All those pictures were taken by Mait Jüriado, who kindly came to France to shoot this wedding.



The wedding took place on August 31, at the Soultzerkopf, in the East of France. I really like to hear cute stories from the couples I feature. I love this particular anecdote, that happened a few weeks before Cynthia & Arnaud actually started dating. From the bride:

10 years ago I went to England for an internship. In my first days I had to concentrate really hard to understand everybody. So when my line manager introduced me to Arnaud, I actually thought he said something like “Alnoud” and just added it to the list of the unusual names I heard there. The following weeks, every time I ran into him I said “hello” and he replied the same. Until the day we met again at the canteen/work restaurant. He came over and astonished me by talking in a perfect french. Which I complimented him about (in french, thought it would be nice). And to which he responded a bit stunned “Well, yes, I am french!?”… World class champion, even more when you know that Arnaud was famous for his strong french accent…


diy-wedding-woods-01diy-wedding-woods-04 diy-wedding-woods-03diy-wedding-woods-05diy-wedding-woods-06pdiy-wedding-woods-07 diy-wedding-woods-08 diy-wedding-woods-09

Name one thing you regret…

Arnaud decided to have a tailor-made suit for the occasion. During our first visit to the tailor—months before the wedding—we got all excited, choosing between hundreds of different fabrics and discussing the best cut. But then, over the weeks, it was a lot of trying on, and even a few days before we left for the wedding there were still considerable alterations to make. Most of them were taken care of and the suit looked great as it was but there were still some details needed to be fixed and we didn’t have the time for it. So the whole tailor-made experience was disappointing for us, Arnaud regrets he didn’t go for a standard suit in a trendy shop. And we would have saved some stress and money as well!


diy-wedding-woods-10 diy-wedding-woods-11 diy-wedding-woods-12 diy-wedding-woods-13 diy-wedding-woods-14 diy-wedding-woods-15 diy-wedding-woods-17 diy-wedding-woods-18 diy-wedding-woods-19 diy-wedding-woods-20 diy-wedding-woods-21 diy-wedding-woods-22diy-wedding-woods-24 diy-wedding-woods-25 diy-wedding-woods-26 diy-wedding-woods-27

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We were so glad to see that all our closest friends and family arranged to travel to the far end of a deep forest to attend our wedding. And if getting married wasn’t something really important to us until a few months ago, we are so happy we did it. It’s just the perfect occasion to have everybody we love around us. Why have we waited so long???
And it was such a luxury not to have to worry about a thing. Everything was under control, but not our control! We really appreciated our friend Paul designing us the best invitations we could imagine and it was absolutely fantastic to have Joana deal with every detail of the organization (with Marcio not far away – yes, the same Marcio that designs super high-level websites can also draw super high-level signs). We only realized afterwards all the huge work she had done. The day of the wedding we had zero stuff to worry about and fully enjoyed each moment… Priceless! So we definitely did very little for our wedding, and well, we can totally live with that!
But if we haven’t done a thing, what could we possibly be proud of? And that’s it actually. We are so proud we had someone WILLING to do all of these crazy beautiful things for us. That’s definitely something to brag about. THANK YOU! It was pure awesomeness.


diy-wedding-woods-28 diy-wedding-woods-29 diy-wedding-woods-30 diy-wedding-woods-31 diy-wedding-woods-32 diy-wedding-woods-33 diy-wedding-woods-34 diy-wedding-woods-35

To be continued… (To hold on until then, you can check the photographer Mait’s brand new website.)

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