Feb 2014

Helena + Antonio

A Spanish Wedding with a Touch of Rock n’ Roll

Helena and Antonio used old vinyl records to design their invitations; the original covers were then hung on the day of their wedding, and the corresponding musics were played… What a great idea! Helena wore green wedding shoes and her fantastic dress was designed by herself and a bridesmaid. The overall idea of this wedding was simple, to have fun & one hell of a party! I wasn’t there, but from the beautiful pictures that document that day, I’d say mission accomplished! Photography by Megan Spelman of Bikini Birdie.



The wedding took place on June 8, 2013, at Antonio’s parents’ house, in Alicante, Spain.
We decided to have a handmade wedding because didn’t like traditional. We wanted to run away from the typical wedding things. We made all the decoration, but we didn’t want to be the only protagonists so we involved everybody in everything! A lot of friends helped us in the preparations. We also invited everybody to take part in the dance and we had a flash mob. A friend of mine made with me my bridal dress; what a amazing experience!
Our invitations consisted of a mini record (like a single), and we put a personalized cover and sticks. Nobody actually knew what her record was before the wedding (only few of our guests had a record player). At the wedding, we hung all the original covers on a wall with a question: “What is your record?”. And we put a record player to listen to all of them.



Name one thing you regret…

There wasn’t any regret. We can´t believe how perfect that day was. We aren’t wedding lovers and we thought about the wedding as a beautiful party… Being together for 14 years already, getting married didn’t look that important to us. But then, everybody showed us so much love… we are very grateful for that. And so that day, we were so in love also!… it really was an amazing day.



… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We think the decoration was very beautiful and was made all for us :-). Actually, all the organization was done us and we are very proud of that. Everybody say to us how amazing they think the wedding was!



Dec 2012

Andrea + Dani

Fun Spanish Wedding with a DJ Bride

Every time I see the pictures of this wedding, I feel like listening the one song that really moves me and turn up the sound! I’m also very pleased to make you discover (or rediscover) the work of a great photographer and person – Megan of Bikini Birdie. Here comes Andrea + Dani’s wedding!



Andrea and Dani’s wedding took place on June 9th 2012, at the Buenavista Dénia hotel in Dénia (between Alicante and Valencia in Spain, where Andrea’s parents already got married).



Name one thing you regret…

You’re going to think I’m not telling the truth… but I can’t think of a single thing that I regret. Ok, there is maybe one thing: on the wedding day I woke up at 5 in the morning (I went to sleep at 2!), saw some clouds in the sky and then wasn’t able to sleep anymore. The wedding was meant to take place outside and I was terrified it would rain! Well, guess what? It was great there were clouds because otherwise we would have melted!! But the thing is, I only slept three hours and didn’t look as pretty as I should have! ;)


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

I knew exactly how our wedding had to be and got to convince my husband to let me take the decisions. The thing is, it turned out to be even more perfect than I could have imagined. My husband feels the same way, though he didn’t even want to have a party at first (now he wants to get married every year)!
One thing I’m really happy about is that everyone felt so relaxed and comfortable; you could really feel that “love was in the air”. I saw my mother and stepmother hugging each other; my father and husband (who had been fighting about the tie of the fiancé for months—Dani didn’t want to wear it and my father thought that this was unforgivable) couldn’t stop crying; and all the guests were dancing as if there were no tomorrow, even the oldest ones!
The next day, a lot of guests told me they had never been to a wedding like that before and didn’t want to go to another one anymore because any other would look boring in comparison… I couldn’t have asked for more.


“fê em Deus, DJ!”

Ladies and Gentlemen… “Here comes the bride!” Y E S !!!! Andrea actually performed a concert during her wedding! Both of them showed up afterwards on stage… I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they appeared wearing hoodies!


Andrea y Dani, sois los mejores, seguid con esa energia toda la vida!

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