Oct 2013

Joana + Marcio

Love, Bikes & Paris

It’s not every day that you’ll se pictures of us here. Actually, I would like to let you in on a little secret: I don’t like to see me on pictures! However, there are exceptions. And the series of pictures you’ll get to see in a moment (more generally, the pictures you’ll see of me here, including the ones I posted this morning!) is one of them.

A few months ago, the very talented photographers of Be Light Photography out of Romania were spending a few days in Paris. At this occasion, they offered to “take a few pictures of us”. This actually turned into a 4 hour photo shoot, where the ideas were literally flowing! “Let’s go there! No, there! Oh, stop, I’ve seen something that could do a great shot!”. After 5 minutes, we were feeling at home with our best friends and then the rest of the time was just pure joy.

We received the photos yesterday, and as I was planning to show you the new version and already put the few pictures of us you saw this morning, I thought I’d just do a little post with those photos also! I hope you’ll like them; if you want to see more, you can still have a look at the photographers’ page.

What was the idea behind it? Well, I guess you already know! Marcio and I are bike addicts, not only do we travel by bike, but we use them whenever we need to go somewhere in Paris. Actually, those bikes are not ours (we have some not that photogenic hybrid bikes); they were kindly lent to us by Velo-Vintage, and if you want to see some really beautiful vintage bikes mended by people that are passionate about the subject, you should pay them a visit! Photography: Be Light Photography (thank you again!).



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