Sep 2013

Monika + Kendra

Intimate Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

A few months ago, the photographer of this shoot Jen contacted me to organize a styled shoot together in Paris. There were quite a few email exchanges actually but in the end, it didn’t work out. Some weeks later, she submitted to me this intimate pre-wedding photo shoot that she’d been part of. I have to say I was quite impressed – I mean, it’s freaking special! No need to say I was even more disappointed we didn’t end up doing something together in Paris, but there will be another time. In the meanwhile, enjoy this shoot designed by Karla Randolf of Designs by the Card Lady and photographed by Jen of A Girl and A Camera Photography.



From the designer of this shoot, Karla.

So much goes on with prepping and getting all the details perfect at a wedding, that I think sometimes the simplest yet the most important details are forgotten. And that, are the details that goes on behind the bridal suite. This shoot was inspired by just that, showcasing all the fun, laughter, details and of course love behind those doors before the Bride walks down the aisle. However with LOVE comes many characters and people. So I thought this shoot was the perfect opportunity to express LOVE in all ways. We took the black and white styled approach to showcase LOVE in a vintage, modern but yet natural way.

intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-01 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-02 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-03 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-05intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-04intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-06 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-07 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-08intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-00intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-10 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-11 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-12 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-13 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-14 intimate-lesbian-photo-shoot-15

Jun 2013

Johanna + Gesche

Sweet Pink Lesbian Wedding with a DIY Pink Wedding Dress

To be honest, I wanted to show this wedding from the moment we started developing this website (I think nobody knows about that, but some pictures of Johanna and Gesche were already up on the blog, way before we went live!). I think these brides are beautiful and there’s so much emotion in every picture!… Besides, when the pink blooming cherry trees in the street just perfectly match the brides’ outfit, that makes some seriously fabulous wedding pictures (and apparently, I am not the only one to feel that way – just take a look at Johanna and Gesche’s memories of that day). Photos by 2 Brides Photography out of Sweden.



Johanna and Gesche’s wedding took place last year in Stockholm, Sweden. Their sweet couple pictures were taken in a park called Kungsträdgården. From the brides:

We wanted to keep this wedding simple, focusing on the spring that was happening all around us and each other. Gesche made her dress herself as well as her headpiece, and we both tried not to make a big deal out of the City Hall ceremony but when the day came it felt like “woah, okay, this is big!” and we both felt that we were so completely in the right place in every way for the commitment we were about to make. It is funny and strange to think how many pictures of us from that day ended up in total strangers’ cameras and smartphones; people all around us were taking pictures of us during the short hour or so we were there! It was crazy.


sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-01 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-02 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-03sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-00sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-06 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-07 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-08 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-09 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-10


Name one thing you regret.

Can’t actually think of anything we regret from that day! It was a day full of love, however soppy that may sound, and in the evening we got to spend time with friends and went bowling and ate good food. Simple but great.


sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-11 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-12 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-13 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-14sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-15sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-16sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-18 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-17


And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We were very satisfied with how everything came together in the end, from our dresses to our bouquets that Gesche’s mother insisted we have and bought for us, and we are happy that she did because what is a wedding without flowers?


sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-19 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-20 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-21 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-22 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-23

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