Jul 2013

Megan + Keith

Outdoor Canadian Wedding by a Lake

I may have said that already, but weddings by a lake or the best, because if you can’t have a swim, you still end up with really awesome pictures. Photography by Two Mann Studios.

Megan and Keith’s wedding took place at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie, British Columbia (Canada). From the bride:
It stormed like crazy from 4 am on our wedding day and cleared just long enough for us to still get married outside. We were surrounded by 60 of our closest friends and relatives and had the best day of our lives. The lodges wedding coordinator did everything and made my day completely stress free.

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Name one thing you regret…

I don’t regret anything – it was the greatest. Our DJ rocked the food and service was beyond expectations and our weekend was more than we could have hoped for.


outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-09 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-10 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-11 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-12 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-13


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I’m proud that my sister made it to the mountains for our wedding. She is a spastic quadriplegic and had never been on a plane or travelled out of the province (ON). She and my parents made it out and had a great time. It wouldn’t have been the same without her. I’m also proud of how everyone didn’t mind chipping in to make the day run smoothly. We have the greatest people in our lives and that weekend made us ever more thankful for them.


outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-14 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-15 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-16 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-17 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-18 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-19 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-20 outdoor-wedding-by-a-lake-21

May 2013

Aileen + Dan

Casual Wedding by a Pond with Dogs

Let’s make this clear: would I have the opportunity of planning our wedding all over again, I’d probably choose a venue offering bathing possibilities. I mean, who doesn’t like to dip one toe or two in some fresh water on a hot day? This is exactly what Aileen and Dan went for on their wedding day, and I love so much that their dogs were part of every single moment of their day! Guys please, if someone’s planning to have such a cool wedding by a pond, lake or else, send an invitation over! Photography by Paul Liebt Paula, out of Germany.



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