Feb 2014

Nicole + Michaël

Laid-Back Wedding at a Farm in Germany

Let’s go to Germany! This couple had a laid-back wedding at a farm; I have to admit that it’s really nice to see that when everything’s naturally beautiful, there’s no need for additional detail. I mean, for such a wedding, could there be any better “decoration” than the sheep, pigs, bales of straw, etc, already there? Photos by Bjoern and Jessy for Hafenliebe Hochtzeitsfotografie.



The wedding took place in Lübeck and Hamburg, Germany, in August last year.

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The word of the photographers.

It was one of those weddings that you enjoy so much simply because of the atmosphere. In addition to their family, the two invited many friends along with their children. That was also the reason why the day was filled with a lot of laughter and its very own energy. The civil wedding took place in the registry office of Lübeck. After the ceremony, the two organized a small champagne reception to welcome their guests. For the party, we went to the lovely organic farm “Hof Eggers” in Hamburg- Kirchwerder. What both of us really liked a lot about this place, were the nostalgic and rustic buildings. It felt a bit like travelling back in time. It was a really laid-back wedding with everybody enjoying themselves and playing with the kids.


Jun 2013

Kids at Weddings

A Collection of Photos of Kids at Weddings

Oops, this collection was meant to be published in May… so as a compensation, there’s slightly more than usual! Hope you’ll enjoy these pictures. Kids are cool. Kids at weddings are the best.

And as usual, that’s also when I announce our next theme. For the next episode, I’d like to gather photos of unusual situations. If you’ve photographed something at a wedding, that you don’t think you’ll get a chance to photograph any time soon, that may be what we’re looking for; so just give it a try and send me your file!



#1 by Martín Sedacca



#2 by Morgan Sikkerboel



#3 by Alice Bertrand



#4 by Claudine Grin



#5 by A Girl and a Camera Photography



#6 by David Ferguson



#7 by Alice Bertrand



#8 by Be Light Photography



#9 by Morgan Sikkerboel



#10 by Matt Shumate



#11 by Morgan Sikkerboel



#12 by Theodoros Chliapas



#13 by Lakshal Perera



#14 by Ela and the Poppies



#15 by Lakshal Perera



#16 by Be Light photography



#17 Gerry Sulp



#18 by Ela and the Poppies



#19 by Granin Photo



#20 & 21 by Nadia Fotografeert

kids-at-weddings-20 kids-at-weddings-21


#22 by Samo Rovan



#23 Mansano Fotografia



#24 by Gabriel Purziani



#25 by Lakshal Perera



#26 by Photography by Winter


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