Mar 2014

Carmen + Santiago

Styled Gypsy Inspired Wedding

I love the gypsy culture. It really fascinated me younger, the music, the independence of the people… I’d watch every gypsy-related movie so when the photographers told me they got inspired by the movies of Kusturica for this shoot, I was intrigued and knew I’d love it. And I did! But above all, this works sends once again the message that weddings can be much simpler than what we imagine. Photography by Garance et Vanessa, a photographer duo out of France.



Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-01 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-02Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-00Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-04 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-05Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-07 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-08 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-09 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-10 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-06Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-11 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-12 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-13 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-14 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-15 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-16 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-17 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-18 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-19 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-20 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-21 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-22 Gypsie-Inspired-Styled-Wedding-23

The word of the photographers.

We’d been thinking for long time ago about this inspiration shooting. We took our inspiration from the work of the photographer Ian McKell, who worked on the new gypsys, and the movies of Kusturica… We adapted it for a wedding inspiration, a little bit more clean and cute, but still rock n’roll !

The announcement of the publishing of the guide for young brides and grooms “Mariette” by Julie and Chris came right on time, so we decided to take the opportunity and do the shoot.

All of a sudden we had to find the dress, the couple, the wedding planners, the illustrators. Then came the place, the furnitures, the makeup artist, some friends available to pose too. And then, the horse, the horse wagon, the groom’s costume, the right colors of ribbons… Not to forget the guests costumes, the lace for the bride’s hair, and the vintage dressing table!

Then we had to find a date where everybody would be available, with a day more in case of storm, hurricane or tsunami.

We had to think about the catering, the straw ball and the pretty beer bottles…

And then finally, we crossed our fingers very strongly for the rain that was falling during the three days before the shoot to stop. And for the wind to stop too… And for the temperature to raise just a little bit!

In the end everything went so fast! The rain stopped, we became accustomed to the fresh wind of the Ardeche mountains… And every contributor was perfect, our friends were amazing, they really played the game. And the sun came out just in time for the golden hour!

To sum up, we almost got married this summer!


Feb 2014

Nicole + Michaël

Laid-Back Wedding at a Farm in Germany

Let’s go to Germany! This couple had a laid-back wedding at a farm; I have to admit that it’s really nice to see that when everything’s naturally beautiful, there’s no need for additional detail. I mean, for such a wedding, could there be any better “decoration” than the sheep, pigs, bales of straw, etc, already there? Photos by Bjoern and Jessy for Hafenliebe Hochtzeitsfotografie.



The wedding took place in Lübeck and Hamburg, Germany, in August last year.

farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-00 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-01 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-02 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-03 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-04 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-05 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-06 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-07 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-08 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-09 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-10 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-11 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-12 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-13 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-16 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-17 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-15farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-14 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-18 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-19 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-20 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-21 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-22 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-23 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-24 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-25 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-26 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-27 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-28 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-29 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-30

The word of the photographers.

It was one of those weddings that you enjoy so much simply because of the atmosphere. In addition to their family, the two invited many friends along with their children. That was also the reason why the day was filled with a lot of laughter and its very own energy. The civil wedding took place in the registry office of Lübeck. After the ceremony, the two organized a small champagne reception to welcome their guests. For the party, we went to the lovely organic farm “Hof Eggers” in Hamburg- Kirchwerder. What both of us really liked a lot about this place, were the nostalgic and rustic buildings. It felt a bit like travelling back in time. It was a really laid-back wedding with everybody enjoying themselves and playing with the kids.


Jan 2013

Nina + Denis

A Fun Wedding int he Mountains and a Fearless Bride

Nina and Denis are the kind of couple I love: for their wedding, they wanted to have something like a picnic, well, more like a festive picnic… I have to say I liked their wedding pictures, the location they chose, the atmosphere of their day. But then I asked Nina for the same details I usually ask. And I laughed out loud – it’s like being there with her. So, take a look at the pictures, read the bride’s testimonial and tell me it’s not just me. Photography credit: Samo Rovan.



The wedding took place in Lepena, in the Valley of the Soča river, also known as Valley of Trenta, Slovenian Alps. From Nina:

It was like a fairytale – a day full of happy faces and laughter, full of tears of joy, full of sun and rain. And it smelled after lavender, which was the main flower in the bride’s bouquet. Ever since, when I get into my nose the smell of this flower, I remember my day.


Name one thing you regret (1/2)…

Honestly said? We do not regret anything. I was first totally scared about how things would go on, if everything would be as perfect as I dreamed of. But then, a lot of things went different. But no later than the day after the wedding, I realized it was all the little imperfections that made my day perfect. I mean, there were things like the story about horse…


The story about the horse.

The idea of my bridesmaid was: I would ride a white horse when I would appear in front of my future husband. But the poor horse was totally scared of my white wedding dress; I mean, I was already nervous and then the horse with his turbulent behavior and nickering… My God, I just prayed “Please, take the horse away, I do not want to fall of a horse before I say my big yes”!! And then, the story about the ring…


The story about the ring.

It just did not want to go on my finger. Of course, my fingers were all swelled and the ring did not want to pass the knuckle. But when my husband said “Yes, I do take her for my wife”, the ring did not want to go on!! And then again – why is this happening to me??? Thank God I have chosen such a clever guy: Denis took the ring of, placed it in his mouth, spread a little bit of saliva on it, and then finally, the ring took its place on my finger.


Name one thing you regret (2/2)…

I mean, the wedding was totally crazy, but I really really would not change a thing. We do not regret anything!


… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

I am happy that my husband and I had a really miraculous day, without even trying to make it such. The going-on took its own way – totally different from what I expected, but it looks like this was the only right thing to happen. And of course we are totally happy to have chosen Samo to be our photographer; we became friends at the very first moment we met – Samo, you are the best, thanks again!


Nina was all nervous about her first night with Denis as a married couple, thinking about things people put into her mind, like What underwear to wear? Should there be candles? Roses? It came out, Denis left the party at 5:00 and Nina at 6:30… Woooops!! But the thing is, enjoy the moment and don’t program when romanticism should happen, because, here’s Nina’s conclusion to all this: The wedding night was perfect.


And the honeymoon? No, it did not took place in Hawaii, Nina said.

A few days after the wedding we went to Tolmin (also near the Valley of Trenta), where the Metal Camp festival took place. Well, this was our honeymoon! We slept in a tent, again under the free sky; I suppose, we were the freshest married couple there.


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