Jun 2014

Maélika + Onasis

A Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Argentina

Ever thought of having a honeymoon photo shoot? This couple travelled to Argentina and contacted a local photographer to have memories of their holiday… What a great idea! Photography by Daniela Liska out of Argentina.
And PS: I love the bride’s shoes!



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The word of the photographer.

Maélika contacted me last year, as soon as their honeymoon was planned and everything was booked; they knew the honeymoon would in Bariloche and wanted to have a good memory of their journey!
Onasis and Maélika traveled from Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Argentina. We met to coordinate everything and while the wether was not very kind at first, the climate turned incredibly nice for us later.
She thought about every detail with great taste, and let me tell you a secret: she did the bouquet herself with roses cut from the gardens of the hotel where they stayed, it couldn’t be any cuter!


Jul 2013

Bonnes Vacances !

Homemade Tour de France

Buf! It’s been some crazy months dealing with my day job, all the blogging related stuff, and of course my personal life… I’m the kind of person whose motivation can be stronger than her body begging to rest, and when I suddenly start wondering if I may have done a little bit too much these last months, it means I need to take a break. We’re finally taking a few days off, and I have to say I can’t wait!


Some friends are getting married on the 20th of July in the center of France and the initial idea was to leave a few days earlier to go by bike. But why stop there? We recently decided to extend this trip and actually try to join the South of France after the wedding, if our condition and the weather allow us to do so.


I hear you think out loud: who is this woman, who likes maths and thinks biking all day is a cool holiday? I happen to totally understand this opinion: Marcio had to “force” me to do this the first time (2009, we were planning our holidays in Croatia), and if I knew you back then, you’d have probably heard me whine about how much I hate biking. I won’t lie to you, it’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth the pain and using the bike to travel is just a whole new experience. When is the last time you’ve been hungry, not its-time-to-eat hungry but my-body-will-stop-working-if-I-dont-eat hungry? And that sweet sensation of enjoying a quiet evening before going to sleep when you’re physically tired… A trip by bike is the best way to connect with your body again, with the world that surrounds you, and today I’d put the same energy trying to convince you to take the plunge than trying to get Marcio to desist back then.




After the first trip in Croatia, not only did I have to admit this was really cool, but I was the one insisting we’d do that again for our honey moon. And we did. We went to the North-East/ North of Brazil for nearly one month with our bikes.


Anyway, those trips left me with some of my best memories, and I can’t wait to leave again! The only thing is, I may be less active and reactive with the blog and emails (I’m planning weekly releases + emails will be answered when I’m back), but I’ll compensate with more pictures on Instagram, so come join me there!


Be sure I’ll be back more motivated than ever. I have some great news coming, maybe even surprises?… ;) In the meanwhile, I’d love to talk honeymoon! Those are a few pictures from ours, what was yours? What are you planning to do?



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