Mar 2014

Federica + Jorge

An Italian-Spanish Wedding on Film wih the Groom’s Rock Band

Jorge and Federica’s wedding is special for many reasons. Amongst them, 1/ The photographer shot the whole wedding on film (except for some party shots, the two last ones of this post) and it turned out a.ma.zing; 2/ He used to play in a band with the groom and is one of his best friends; 3/ The groom’s band played AC/DC for the party. As if it wasn’t enough, the bride looks beautiful and there was plenty of little details and attentions for the guests. For the photographers interested in shooting weddings on film, you should read about the photographer’s experience at the end of the post, Marcos Sánchez!


The wedding took place the 20 of July in Finca Malpartida, a country house in the province of Toledo, Spain.



Name one thing you regret…

I don’t have any regret regarding the wedding. It was even better than how we expected to be, I wish it could have been longer!



… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I am really happy because all our friends and family had a great time! We really enjoyed the ceremony, the dinner and the party. I am also proud because we took care of many details for the wedding, and the result was really nice.

Also, my husband Jorge plays drums in a rock band, so after dinner, they played a concert for all the guests. It was really cool :)



The word of the photographer.

It was a very special wedding for me in many ways. It was my first wedding shooting only film, and though I was confident about my skills, you don’t get to see the pictures until a couple weeks later, so used to digital cameras it’s a bit scary not to see what you’re doing. The pictures turned out amazing, so I’m thrilled about film! Also it was one of my best friend’s wedding, and even for someone like me who attends 20-30 weddings a year, it was a very emotional day. It’s so rewarding to see how your work means something to the people you’re photographing; I mean I don’t usually witness the first time the couples see the pictures, but this time I showed them the photos at my home and it was great. I’m very happy to have being part of that day with them.

See more pictures on the photographer’s blog!

May 2013

Cosmina + Adi

Romanian Photo Session in the Mountains With Beautiful Views

Remember Cosmina and Adi’s wedding? Well, they’re back and this time I’m sharing their couple session’s pictures; how do you like the wheat head flower crown Cosmina is wearing? I hope you’ll enjoy the light and amazing views that Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography managed to capture once again! By the way, let me share a secret with you: we met with this delightful couple of photographers in Paris a few weeks ago, and something may even come out of this meeting… just saying! In the meanwhile, enjoy this session in the Romanian mountains.



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Nov 2012

Louisa + Eskil

Simple Swedish Wedding in Gotland with Old Carts

Many times, people try to do something unique for their wedding. But it happens sometimes that the persons that the most should enjoy the day—bride & groom—, just don’t seem to. I fell in love with Louisa and Eskil’s wedding in Gotland from the very moment I discovered it: original yet simple ideas, and above all, ideas that seem to perfectly correspond to the bride and groom. Photography credit: 2 Brides Photography, from Sweden.



The wedding took place in Gotland, Sweden.


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