Mar 2014

Carmen + Santiago

Styled Gypsy Inspired Wedding

I love the gypsy culture. It really fascinated me younger, the music, the independence of the people… I’d watch every gypsy-related movie so when the photographers told me they got inspired by the movies of Kusturica for this shoot, I was intrigued and knew I’d love it. And I did! But above all, this works sends once again the message that weddings can be much simpler than what we imagine. Photography by Garance et Vanessa, a photographer duo out of France.



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The word of the photographers.

We’d been thinking for long time ago about this inspiration shooting. We took our inspiration from the work of the photographer Ian McKell, who worked on the new gypsys, and the movies of Kusturica… We adapted it for a wedding inspiration, a little bit more clean and cute, but still rock n’roll !

The announcement of the publishing of the guide for young brides and grooms “Mariette” by Julie and Chris came right on time, so we decided to take the opportunity and do the shoot.

All of a sudden we had to find the dress, the couple, the wedding planners, the illustrators. Then came the place, the furnitures, the makeup artist, some friends available to pose too. And then, the horse, the horse wagon, the groom’s costume, the right colors of ribbons… Not to forget the guests costumes, the lace for the bride’s hair, and the vintage dressing table!

Then we had to find a date where everybody would be available, with a day more in case of storm, hurricane or tsunami.

We had to think about the catering, the straw ball and the pretty beer bottles…

And then finally, we crossed our fingers very strongly for the rain that was falling during the three days before the shoot to stop. And for the wind to stop too… And for the temperature to raise just a little bit!

In the end everything went so fast! The rain stopped, we became accustomed to the fresh wind of the Ardeche mountains… And every contributor was perfect, our friends were amazing, they really played the game. And the sun came out just in time for the golden hour!

To sum up, we almost got married this summer!


Sep 2013

Jill + Andrew

A Relaxed Thursday Wedding, an Industrial Venue and Lots of Pretty Personal Details

I’m not always sure whether I like veils, but the one Jill has, and the way she’s wearing it is just perfect. I think it totally fits her wonderful dress for a very gypsy looking result; and the best part is, she did it herself! Actually, it looks like every little detail they put into that wedding had a personal meaning for them, how great is that? Last, I need to tell you I love this industrial venues! Photography by Carina Skrobecki.



Jill and Andrew were married on a Thursday in May 2013 in a small private ceremony at the Seattle, Washington LDS Temple. The reception that night was at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse on the beach in Seattle, WA. From the bride:

One of my early successes was that I fell in love with and bought the first dress I tried on–bridal shops aren’t really my thing :)

I’m better with details than with ‘big picture’ planning, so I was so excited to see how both the planned (and un-planned) details came together into the best day! Some of my favorites– my wedding ring is my gramma’s (with 46 years of marriage already to its name),  I carried the same heirloom handkerchief my mom carried during my parents’ wedding, and I made my own veil, my buckskin boots, and the feather boutinierres.  Our lovely designer and baker friends designed the invitations, helped style the reception, and did the dessert catering (best cake I’ve had in my life!) and my sister made photo timelines of me and my husband growing up to display…  I hand-stitched our guestbook pages out of vintage postcards from places we’ve lived and old family pictures.  We had our Seattle reception at the same beach where we had our first date, and for the reception we showed a stop motion video we made and my husband performed a song… AND the lighting on the beach was crazy perfect that evening.










Name one thing you regret…

Well, first–I always wanted a cream colored VW bus for a getaway car… perhaps for our ten year! and second–I wish I could have had a few extra quiet moments with each of our guests and with each other…those little moments are some of what I remember the BEST…



















… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I loved how absolutely carefree the day felt once it came– the day goes quickly and I’m glad we opted for a more laid back schedule and atmostphere.  Carina and Rob captured the energy of the day in pictures and video perfectly.








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