Jun 2013

Bachelorette Party

Ideas for a Fun Bachelorette Party by Épouse-Moi Cocotte

I don’t know what the tradition in your country is—btw, I would love to know, feel free to comment below—but I have to say that here in France, a bachelorette party can be crappy. I mean reaaally crappy. For instance, you can be forced to wear a stupid costume (oh and guess what, and you’re the only one disguised!) and then go to persons you barely know or sometimes total strangers in the street, to fullfil some pointless mission you’ve been asked to. Sorry if I sound bitter here, but that’s just what it too often turns out to be: a day you look like crap and try to have fun in a way you usually don’t.

A bachelor party should be an actual nice moment you spend with your (girl) friends and I was quite happy to listen to Anouch and Laurence of Épouse-Moi Cocotte—literally, “Marry Me Honey”, except that it sounds so much better in French :p—telling me about this little business of theirs. What they offer is one hour of photo shoot with the bride to be and her girl friends (I guess it works with guys too); they meet with them when they already had some fun together and try to maintain a very casual atmosphere for the shoot. As a result, some very cool photos of a day spent with her closest friends the bride’s gonna be proud and happy to remember. And for those lazy bridesmaids: you can even get some dedicated games from them for your week-end! Oh, yeah.



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May 2013

Cosmina + Adi

Romanian Photo Session in the Mountains With Beautiful Views

Remember Cosmina and Adi’s wedding? Well, they’re back and this time I’m sharing their couple session’s pictures; how do you like the wheat head flower crown Cosmina is wearing? I hope you’ll enjoy the light and amazing views that Dragos and Laura of Be Light Photography managed to capture once again! By the way, let me share a secret with you: we met with this delightful couple of photographers in Paris a few weeks ago, and something may even come out of this meeting… just saying! In the meanwhile, enjoy this session in the Romanian mountains.



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May 2013

The Soup

Botanical Wedding Inspiration

When I first got this submission, I remained skeptical: what could this possibly have to do with weddings?! I started discussing about it with the team, who told me: “We want to show people that a wedding need not be what they think it should be.” OK right, it looks we’re on the same page… What did I miss? “We decided to organize this dinner to show that a wedding can be as simple as having soup for dinner with some friends.”, they added. Now that’s BRILLIANT! In other words—for those who would still be skeptical—it’s kind of a styled shoot, but more about the concept of the wedding than the choice of flowers (hate those). I hope many of you future brides and grooms will find it inspiring!

So, what do you think of a botanical or garden themed wedding? What about using plant shoots and vegetables to decorate your tables? All credits: De Alma e Coração.



Sopa-01 Sopa-02 Sopa-03 Sopa-05Sopa-04Sopa-06 Sopa-07 Sopa-08 Sopa-09 Sopa-10 Sopa-11 Sopa-12 Sopa-13 Sopa-14 Sopa-15 Sopa-16 Sopa-17


And, there’s a video. :)


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