Aug 2013

Rita + Vasco

Delicate Wedding in Portugal

Pink wedding shoes, sweet tables, personal touches and a breathtaking venue: I love Rita and Diogo’s delicate wedding in Portugal! Photography by Pedro Vilela.


The wedding took place June 1st, 2013, at the Quinta de São Thiago, in Sitra, Portugal. From the groom:
Our day started nervously, in the expectation of what was going to happen. It was simply magic, our relatives and friends arriving, the staff staring with its tips and tricks, and all along this timeless day, congratulations, smile and laughter, emotions and memories of bygone days… The entrance of the bride, fast as the opening of a flower, letting out its sparkles, perfume, color and happiness, totally contagious! A flirt in simplicity, to represent a quick moment of union, that symbolically marked the Day, the Before and the After in the calendar of our lives… The glamor of an afternoon between friends, the Sun, the blanket in the grass, the blue of the sky, the green of the surroundings and this contagious happiness, pure energy… When the night fell, the fireflies lightened up the wedding cake, a masterpiece of pastry that we shared and enjoyed together! There still was some magic in our feet, that made us dance until exhaustion. One day, it was the Day, full of details, small contingencies, unique and historical moments of our life.

portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-01 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-02 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-03 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-04 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-05 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-06portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-08 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-09 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-10 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-11 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-12 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-13 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-14portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-07


Name one thing you regret…

It only lasted 12 hours, close to 720 minutes, 43200 little seconds… Time goes on and went on so brutally, as only time can do, so we can say that the one thing we regret is to have had such little time!


portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-16 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-17 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-18 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-19 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-20 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-21 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-22portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-24 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-26


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

The families that created us, the friends that were there for us, from the moment we were born to wherever life’s taking us.


portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-25portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-27 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-28 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-29 portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-31portugal-wedding-pedro-vilela-30

Jun 2013

Justine + Brendon

Epic Ace Hotel Wedding with a Late Swimming Pool Party

I know I have blogged quite a few weddings and couples ending up in water lately, and no suspense here, this is one more… but isn’t a swimming pool wedding party kind of the perfect way to end the night? And wait, that’s not all – I am actually so in love with Justine and Brendon’s wedding: not only did they have so much fun partying in the swimming pool, but this couple also had a perfect venue for their wedding and an amazing setting, everything so well photographed by Nick Radford, out of the USA.



Justine and Brendon’s wedding took place in November 2012 at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Both have a design background—he is an interior designer and she’s in the event industry—so they mostly organized their wedding themselves.

We wanted it to be different, yet fun that reflected our personalities. We had a handful of DIY projects that we incorporated into the wedding such as our ceremony backdrop and geometric card holders. I ended up designing all of our paper goods such as our save the dates, invitations and all of the signage throughout the wedding. It was a huge undertaking, but it was something I was determined to do! There were many times I wanted to give up and just hire a designer, but I knew it would be so worth it in the end. And it was!


epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-01 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-02epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-04epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-03epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-05pepic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-04pepic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-05ppepic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-06pepic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-07 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-08 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-09 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-10epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-12epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-12pepic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-14 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-15 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-16


Name one thing you regret…

Overall it was an amazing wedding – however, if I had to rewind back to the day, I wish I had more moments to just sit and talk with all of our friends and family, especially our family who traveled from afar. The day goes by so fast and you are definitely running on adrenaline the entire evening, so I just wish we had taken a step back and really braced the moment and graciously thanked everyone who made it out that day.


epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-17 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-13epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-17pepic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-19epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-21 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-22


And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

I am extremely happy that I was a stress-free bride the entire day! I did not worry about one thing. I felt so prepared, and so ready to marry my husband that everything else was just a big ol’ bonus to me. Oh, and I’m stoked that Nick & Jeff (photographer & videographer) suggested we jump in the pool to close out the festivities. It was never my intention to do this – but it just happened and it was SO perfect. The best way to end the night by far! Trashed dress and all!


epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-23 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-24 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-25 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-26 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-27epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-29 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-30 epic-ace-hotel-wedding-swimming-pool-party-31

Jun 2013

Midnight Morning

Trash the Dress with Paint

I’ve seen many trash the dress sessions, and some engagement shoots that included paint, but nothing quite like this series of pictures. The photographs below are part of Don’s Trash The Dress Project, that consists in putting models in various elements and photograph them trashing bridal dresses. I would love to know your thoughts about this; I was personally really moved and I’m so looking forward to seeing the rest of the project! Photography by Don Barrington, that you’ll find in Anchorage Alaska half of the year, and Melbourne Australia the other half.


Those are the very words Don used to describe his work.

This particular series from the Trash the Dress Project is entitled Midnight Morning because the time of the day was midnight and the Alaskan light still visible. The location was in interior Alaska in the downtown part of Fairbanks. The time was nearly midnight. The day was June 24, a few days after the summer solstice, where the light shows nearly all day and night. On this trash the dress session I wanted to use paint as the source of trashing the dress. I have seen many photographs of paint splattered on dresses but none by me. I used a small, abandon alleyway to begin the trashing, mixing greens, yellows, and blues to create mesmerizing shades and tones of colors. After the dress had enough color on it I sent the model to walk around downtown. I picked a few locations and I photographed her with the waning midnight light, until it altogether had dissipated. Then she threw the dress in the trash bin and that was it. The photo shoot was over but the photographs, documenting my first painted trash the dress session, are here.


trash-the-dress-in-paint-01 trash-the-dress-in-paint-02 trash-the-dress-in-paint-03 trash-the-dress-in-paint-04trash-the-dress-in-paint-05trash-the-dress-in-paint-06 trash-the-dress-in-paint-07 trash-the-dress-in-paint-08 trash-the-dress-in-paint-09 trash-the-dress-in-paint-10 trash-the-dress-in-paint-11trash-the-dress-in-paint-12trash-the-dress-in-paint-13trash-the-dress-in-paint-14trash-the-dress-in-paint-15

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