Nov 2013

Rachel + Donnie

Beautiful and Simple Wedding in the Woods with a Ceremony by a Pond

Rachel says they wanted a rustic camp feel with budget friendly inventive DIYs for their wedding. With this location in the woods, the ceremony by the pond nearby, and all the homespun crafts with texture and color, I guess those two had their dream wedding! So you may now take your shoes off and relax, because I guess that’s the best way to enjoy the images below. Photography by Amanda & Nate Howard for The Shalom Imaginative.


Donnie and Rachel wanted a place that wasn’t the typical wedding venue. A place they could make their own. The wedding took place on September 7, 2013 at Camp Nawakwa, Lac Du Flambeau, northern Wisconsin, USA. Here are a few stories about the wedding from the bride:

My wedding dress didn’t fit. I never thought it would happen to me but it did. Big wedding dress shops had a one month turnover to complete the job of putting in a lace up panel.  I found a lady out of her home who did it in one night and half the price!
Another humorous thing is things will not go according to plan. We had a unity jar in our ceremony that the wedding party was to write a special message.  Well the jar went missing so we had to skip that part of the ceremony, but someone delivered it down to the beach before it was over!

simple-wedding-pond-01 simple-wedding-pond-02 simple-wedding-pond-04 simple-wedding-pond-05 simple-wedding-pond-03simple-wedding-pond-06 simple-wedding-pond-07simple-wedding-pond-10simple-wedding-pond-09 simple-wedding-pond-08simple-wedding-pond-11 simple-wedding-pond-12

Name one thing you regret…
One thing we regret. Finding a food caterer that cared about our day, as much as we cared about it. They were an hour and a half late!
Not sleeping in the morning after our wedding or just enjoying coffee by the lake with just the two of us. Donnie had to run in town and get donuts. Even though that wasn’t coffee by the lake, donuts are a close second.


simple-wedding-pond-13 simple-wedding-pond-14 simple-wedding-pond-15simple-wedding-pond-16simple-wedding-pond-00simple-wedding-pond-19 simple-wedding-pond-20 simple-wedding-pond-21 simple-wedding-pond-22

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of. 
How much our families pitched in to help decorate, organize and make the day possible. Whether it was putting on table cloths, painting signs, or cutting pies, all hands staying the weekend at the camp were willing to help!


simple-wedding-pond-23 simple-wedding-pond-24 simple-wedding-pond-25 simple-wedding-pond-26 simple-wedding-pond-27 simple-wedding-pond-28 simple-wedding-pond-29 simple-wedding-pond-30

The word of the photographers.

Donnie & Rachel wed in the midst of the Northern Wisconsin woods at a Summer camp. Every last detail designed & crafted with their hands. The whole day shouting their personality.
Our favorite part of telling their story was how open they were with us. they were fully present in their day. they laughed with us. cried with us. & told stories of when they first met & jumped in puddles together. the day burst with beauty & life.
More beautiful pictures of this wedding can be found on the photographer’s blog.
Oct 2013

Anaïs + Jacopo

Playful French-Italian Wedding in France

You know it, I like weddings where “something happens”, I like to feel the energy of the day and the couples’ love. This wedding was simple, but it seemed that every moment was super special. I love that there was a pig on the grill, that there were games and then that all of a sudden, everybody’s dancing in single line. Anyway, both the couple and the photographer will tell you about this day better than I will, so I let you now enjoy the photos and their stories. Photography by Yann Audic for Lifestories Wedding Photography.



The wedding took place in Saugues, France. From the bride:

We met in Italy, where I was spending the year being part of the Erasmus program. Our first kiss: on the stairs of the Duomo in Ferrara. How did he propose? One night, in one of our favourite restaurant in Bordeaux, without thinking about it even 5minutes: “What if we got married?” I nearly died eating my pesto & parmesan carpaccio! :)


playful-french-wedding-01 playful-french-wedding-02 playful-french-wedding-03 playful-french-wedding-04playful-french-wedding-06playful-french-wedding-00playful-french-wedding-10 playful-french-wedding-08playful-french-wedding-11 playful-french-wedding-12

Name one thing you regret… 

That there are only 24 hours in a day!! It went too fast! But hopefully, there are the photos to remember everything that happened. Speaking of which, we noticed a few days after the wedding that we had no family photo with my parents and brothers, which is one big regret. We were too busy enjoying the moment! One last thing, I wish my father didn’t care so much about everything being perfect for me and had enjoyed the wedding more serenely.


playful-french-wedding-13 playful-french-wedding-14 playful-french-wedding-15 playful-french-wedding-16 playful-french-wedding-17 playful-french-wedding-18 playful-french-wedding-19 playful-french-wedding-20 playful-french-wedding-21 playful-french-wedding-22

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We’re happy we were able to have a wedding that corresponded to us, that was both friendly and warm. All thanks to our families, our friends and people from the village. Every detail I could have thought of during the months previous to the wedding finally took its meaning, everything went as we could have imagined it! It was so good to have all those people we care about, together in this magical place that we love so much!


playful-french-wedding-24 playful-french-wedding-25 playful-french-wedding-26 playful-french-wedding-27 playful-french-wedding-28 playful-french-wedding-29 playful-french-wedding-30 playful-french-wedding-31playful-french-wedding-33

The word of the photographer.

As soon I arrived in Auvergne, my eyes were all itchy due to the lack of sleep and the long road stretching from Paris to la Haute-Loire, a dream ! I’m a “seaside” guy, from the beach and the ocean, I only know inland France from watching it through the window of the train! But to be sincere I was speechless when I arrived in Saugues; and now I’m just talking about the landscape.

Putting aside the setting, there was such a great atmosphere at this wedding: simplicity, friends, elbow grease, DIY (quite a lot actually!). Everything that gives a unique taste to a wedding. We didn’t physically meet before with Anaïs and Jacopo, but it felt so natural straight from the beginning. When the preparation began, Jacopo’s entire Italian family was there to guide him: the mama, the grandmother, the auntie, all his friends, like this, no wait, like that, laughter and great photos to take. I could actually write an entire chapter about Italians at weddings, we should always have Italian guests: they’re super handsome and really relax.

Then, as Anaïs told it, the wedding was organised in the family village (from the father’s side) and the effort put into renovating the barns and decorating them was huge and contributed for a large part to adding this “homely” dimension to the event.

Anyway, this goes without saying but I need to say it anyway: I really spent a wonderful day. From the photographic point of view, everything was perfect: one great light this day and I think that the quality of the air really helped getting such good conditions; pristine and rugged landscapes to give some depth to the images and of course, one super in love couple (-: There are many ways to have a beautiful wedding, I really liked theirs!

Thanks a lot for welcoming me, grazie mille !

Sep 2013

Tara + Joe

Beautiful Icelandic Elopement

A few weeks ago, I had to remember our wedding again; a Brazilian blog asked to publish it and wanted to know what motivated us to have the wedding we had. It was pretty clear to me: we wanted it to be one big party – no map table and no defined hour to eat, we wanted people to dance and have fun with us! Though eloping wouldn’t have been an appropriate option for us, I happen to totally understand couples that decide to go for an elopement: nothing to care about, no one asking you to pose on a photo with her while you’re trying to reach the buffet… just you and your beloved one and the pure feelings that go with the “Yes I do”. Tara and Joe decided to get married in Iceland—my dream destination!—and reading their photographer Levi’s words gave me goose bumps: what an honour it must be to be the only witness of something like that! Photography by Levi Tijerina.



The wedding took place June 30th, 2013 around midnight, at Budir, Iceland.
Joe and I met while we were both working at the Guggenheim museum in New York. I had recently moved to New York and had been living in Italy for many years before that. I told Joe on our first date that I would be moving back to Italy as soon as possible, which is what I did. We spent one year apart but as soon as I returned we knew we never wanted to be apart again, and Joe proposed. We just wanted to be married, so within a couple weeks we married at city hall, and decided to plan a church ceremony for the following year. After many fruitless attempts to plan a wedding in New York, we finally decided to plan a honeymoon, and have a private church ceremony somewhere along the way. When I found the church at Budir in Iceland, everything fell into place naturally.
We were married under the midnight sun at Budir, near the Snæfellsjökull glacier (a glacier on top of an extinct volcano) which is believed by many people to have mystical power. We were told on our wedding day to make sure to stare at the glacier. When I turned around to look out the door of the chapel I noticed the glacier was framed perfectly by the church gate.


elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-03elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-02elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-01elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-04 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-05 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-13 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-06 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-07 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-09elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-08elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-10 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-000


Name one thing you regret…
Nothing. When we first got to Budir I was afraid I should have planned out the flowers better, however we picked wildflowers for a bouquet/boutonniere just before the ceremony, and they turned out beautifully.


elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-12 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-14 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-15 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-16 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-17 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-18 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-19 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-21elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-20elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-22


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We wrote our own vows, which made our private ceremony really intimate and special.


elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-23 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-24 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-26elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-25elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-27 elopement-iceland-levi-tijerina-28


The word of the photographer.

The first time I got a chance to talk with Tara and Joe was over Skype. After our initial conversation, though, I knew that their wedding was something that I had to be a part of. An amazing location, like Iceland, is fantastic, but being able to document a story that you get to be a part of is something ethereal. I was privileged to be one of the only witnesses present for their ceremony. That kind of trust is incredibly humbling and to this date that has been on of the most meaningful weddings I’ve ever been asked to document.
In addition to that, though, Tara and Joe are incredibly gracious and adventuresome people and we spent the entire evening driving along the western coast of Iceland photographing and taking everything in. It really was an awesome way to document their wedding and explore the country. I mean, we picked Tara’s bouquet from the side of the road; it doesn’t get more incredible than to have that kind of adventure-as-you-go mindset. Everything–the people, the location, their vows–it really had a transcendent feel to it. It was like a physical analogy of what marriage is, you know? Something so much bigger than yourself.
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