Sep 2013

Tim + Doug

Amazing Downton Abbey Themed Wedding on the Top of a Mountain with a Helicopter Arrival

It’s not every day you get to blog something like that. I’ve been wanting to talk about this since I first saw it on the photographers’ blog, but I’ve been surprisingly very good at not spoiling everything! Today is finally the day I can share my excitement with you, and it’s with a very deserved TADAAAAM that I’d like to introduce to you maybe one of the most special, unique, whatever-you-like-to-call-this wedding I’ve ever blogged! I know the post’s title, mentioning a wedding on the top of a mountain and a helicopter arrival, is quite explicit (and kind of appealing I guess), but now you’re going to see the pictures and realize it’s even better than what you imagined. This wedding has everything: emotion, love, the perfect setting, the perfect venue and the perfect way to join it! Photography by the sweet husband & wife team, Shari and Mike out of Canada.



The wedding took place in Vancouver, Canada. From the grooms:

Taking a helicopter up to the Mountain Venue was very exciting for us. It was our “James Bond” Moment. The point at which we flew around the venue building and seeing all our guests on the patio waving to us in the Helicopter, brought tears to our eyes. It is a moment we will never forget. We loved our Downton Abbey theme, however, we forgot to tell everyone about it. Some people were dressed up and others were wondering what they missed.


amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-01 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-02 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-03 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-04 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-05 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-07 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-06amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-08amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-09 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-000 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-0amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-12 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-13 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-14 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-15

Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret… 

We didn’t regret anything about the wedding, however, We would have liked to have joined hands with all our guests, then cut the cake. If we had thought about it ahead of time.


amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-16 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-17 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-18 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-19 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-20amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-22


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of. 

We are happy that it was intimate, amongst our closest friends and family. We were very proud of the sunny beautiful day we had to showcase the beautiful city we live in. With the city as our backdrop, being on top of a mountain were memories we will never forget.  We are very happy to be living in Vancouver and calling this city our home.


amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-23 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-24 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-25 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-26 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-27 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-28 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-29 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-21amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-30 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-31 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-32 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-33 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-34 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-35 amazing-wedding-top-mountain-helicopter-shari-mike-36

The word of the photographers.

This wedding was incredible to be a part of, full of emotion and laughs! We had a blast spending the day with these guys. Although we had not met Doug or Tim until the morning of their wedding, we instantly fell in love with them + it was an honour to document the day they got to express their love + commitment to one another in front of their closest family + friends. Oh and did we mention the helicopter…..amazing! (Oh and Shari won the paper, rock, scissors match for which one of us would get to fly along in the helicopter with the grooms.)

Jul 2013

Colin + Brian

When a Broadway Actor and a Broadway Stage Director Get Married; Gay Wedding on an Island!

Colin and Brian both work in theater on Broadway musicals; Brian is a Stage Manager and Colin is a performer.  They met doing a production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas in Boston in 2007 and [their] little “show-mance” turned into a beautiful marriage. I encourage you to take a look at their story: they managed to make everything personal, from the person who’d marry them to their choice of photographer, which I believe is something that makes a difference on the day of your wedding! Actually, one quick look at their pictures may be enough to realize what a great time they had.
Starting today, we’ll also try to include a little something about the wedding from the photographer’s point of view! After all, he/ she’s the one standing by your side the whole day, and I am sure reading some advice from someone going to weddings every week end—who also happens to have a certain knowledge of what makes the memory of such a day look better—is anything but a waste of time! Today, the testimony of the great and super cool photographer of this sweet wedding, Phil Chester, out of the USA!


The wedding took place Wed March 20, 2013 on the island of Curaçao in the southern Caribbean.
We vacationed to the island in 2012 and loved it and always wanted to go back.  We had to legally marry in New York State, and that legal ceremony took place in our apartment in Manhattan on March 11th.  Our best friend Emily became legally ordained in order to officially marry us both in NY and Curacao.  It was so personal and made the experience extra special.  We also had a reception in NYC in April to include our friends/family that couldn’t make it to Curacao.  So technically we had 3 weddings!  Haha.


broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-01 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-02broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-03 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-04 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-05


Regarding the wedding, name one thing you regret…

We have racked our brains to come up something that we regret, but at the risk of sounding cliche, it really was the perfect day.  The weather was perfect, the photographer was perfect, the location was perfect, virtually every decision we made was exactly what we wanted.  We chose to have one long table to seat the group of 22 people, and the only thing that we should have done that we didn’t was to assign the seats.  With such a small group we didn’t think that was going to be necessary.  And from a personality perspective, it wasn’t necessary.  But people definiltey walked up to the table and sort of “expected” to know where to sit.  But really, that was all I think we misjudged.  No regrets at all.  And what a spectacular day!


broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-07broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-06broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-08 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-09
broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-10 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-11 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-12 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-13 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-00


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

 The best decision we made in this whole process was hiring Phil Chester as our photographer.  He went to high school in Ohio with a friend of Colin’s that he grew up dancing with in New Hampshire and she recommended him.  Small world!!!  He captured the exact spirit of the event that we wanted.  The whole wedding was completely non-traditional (hello…gay wedding on an island) and it was exactly what we wanted.


broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-16 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-17 broadway-gay-wedding-in-curacao-18


The word of the photographer.
Colin and Brian’s wedding week was such a damn blast to document. We planned two days before the wedding to explore the island together, shooting portraits each of those evenings into the sunset. It’s nice to make time for those portraits if you have the time a day before or after the wedding. It really allows you to relax and play, capturing images that showcase setting/environment, while not being occupied with the wedding day. They planned their wedding day around the light. A photographers dream. Planning their ceremony a couple hours before sunset allowed for amazing lighting, and they also allotted a nice chunk of time for portraits after their ceremony too. Photography was a priority for Colin and Brian, and their laid back personalities, amazing loving energy, and their overall desire to simply HAVE A GOOD DAMN TIME, made for wonderful images.


Jun 2013

Johanna + Gesche

Sweet Pink Lesbian Wedding with a DIY Pink Wedding Dress

To be honest, I wanted to show this wedding from the moment we started developing this website (I think nobody knows about that, but some pictures of Johanna and Gesche were already up on the blog, way before we went live!). I think these brides are beautiful and there’s so much emotion in every picture!… Besides, when the pink blooming cherry trees in the street just perfectly match the brides’ outfit, that makes some seriously fabulous wedding pictures (and apparently, I am not the only one to feel that way – just take a look at Johanna and Gesche’s memories of that day). Photos by 2 Brides Photography out of Sweden.



Johanna and Gesche’s wedding took place last year in Stockholm, Sweden. Their sweet couple pictures were taken in a park called Kungsträdgården. From the brides:

We wanted to keep this wedding simple, focusing on the spring that was happening all around us and each other. Gesche made her dress herself as well as her headpiece, and we both tried not to make a big deal out of the City Hall ceremony but when the day came it felt like “woah, okay, this is big!” and we both felt that we were so completely in the right place in every way for the commitment we were about to make. It is funny and strange to think how many pictures of us from that day ended up in total strangers’ cameras and smartphones; people all around us were taking pictures of us during the short hour or so we were there! It was crazy.


sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-01 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-02 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-03sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-00sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-06 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-07 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-08 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-09 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-10


Name one thing you regret.

Can’t actually think of anything we regret from that day! It was a day full of love, however soppy that may sound, and in the evening we got to spend time with friends and went bowling and ate good food. Simple but great.


sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-11 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-12 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-13 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-14sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-15sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-16sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-18 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-17


And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We were very satisfied with how everything came together in the end, from our dresses to our bouquets that Gesche’s mother insisted we have and bought for us, and we are happy that she did because what is a wedding without flowers?


sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-19 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-20 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-21 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-22 sweet-pink-themed-lesbian-wedding-2-brides-photography-23

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