Aug 2013

Essie + Frank

Super Fun Dutch Windy Beach Wedding

There’s many things I love about weddings, but what touches me the most is to see people in love, and people having fun, because, that’s what it should be about, right? Essie and Frank had a simple beach wedding, but I love how much fun they seem to have had together. The wedding took place in the Netherlands, so that it’s not the typical turquoise water beach wedding; we can see there’s actually a lot of wind, which just gives a very special atmosphere! +1 for the 2 red balloons representing Essie’s missing sister and father! Photography by Jarg Woldhuis.



The wedding took place May 31th, 2013 in Texel, The Netherlands; the location is called Beach-In Paal 21.

Our first date was five years ago at the dance event Sensation White in Amsterdam. Like it is in the name “Sensation White” the dress code was completely white! We liked that so much we decided to use the same dress code on our wedding five years later…

The island is very special to the both of us; we have great memories of some special moments on the island. On the wedding we had to miss Essie’s sister and father and in memory of them we added two red balloons to our 50 white “Just Married” balloons. We let the two red balloons go at the same time at the land wash followed by the 50 white ones; which was very spectacular because of the strong wind!


Dutch-Beach-Wedding-01 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-02 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-03 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-04 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-05 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-06 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-07 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-08 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-09


Name one thing you regret…

After a long and hard thought about what to regret regarding our wedding… we decided there was nothing to really regret! Sure… Essie wasn’t on the bus that picked up all the wedding guests including me, the groom… So she missed a great bus drive around the island in a red English double decker bus. But in return she got that great entrance without anyone (including me!) seeing her before that moment! That moment was very very special and awesome!


Dutch-Beach-Wedding-10 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-11 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-12 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-13 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-14


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

The first “todo” on our wedding-preparation-list was to get Jarg Woldhuis as our photographer. And we are very very proud on his pictures of our wedding! BANG!
We’re very proud on Essie’s 80 year old mom and the fact that she attended the wedding from the beginning until the late end. She didn’t want to miss a thing, and she didn’t!!
We are very happy we could realize our dream to get married on the beach with all our loved ones around us.

Dutch-Beach-Wedding-16 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-15Dutch-Beach-Wedding-17 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-18 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-19 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-20 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-21 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-22 Dutch-Beach-Wedding-23

Jul 2013

Danielle + Tyler

Winter Hockey Themed Wedding

Summer’s finally here, so what, won’t you let me blog a winter hockey themed wedding? I love weddings that include some activity, I think it definitely adds something… so, hockey? Hell yeah! Also, I love the idea of a pre-wedding welcome party, has anyone of you had one? Photography by Julian Kanz, out of Italy.



Danielle and Tyler got married in February in Mont Tremblant, Québec. They love to travel and take any opportunity to enter a plane; no surprise they got engaged during one of their trips! Here’s their story.

In the beginning of 2012, Tyler’s parents planned a family trip for a month to Italy, and like we always do, we jumped on board. Prior to meeting them in Florence, we decided to spend a week on our own on a small romantic Island called ‘Ischia’ just off Naples and north of ‘Capri’. As soon as we arrived we went for dinner and watched the sun set over he ocean at a bar called ‘Antonio’s’. It was the best bruschetta we have ever had and we don’t say things like that very easily! After that we walked to the end of a pier and soon Tyler disappeared out of sight around the end of the pier where there was no more restaurants or people. He told me to come out there for the view of the island. When we were ready to turn back to the restaurants, he pulled on my arm and turned me around while he said ‘there is a reason that I brought you all the way out here.’ I was shocked to see him down on one knee and became so excited that I barely gave him time to ask me before I started saying ‘yes yes yes!


winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-01 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-02 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-03 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-04 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-05 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-06 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-07


Name one thing you regret…

We should have purchased a cake from the local bakery.  Our cake collapsed during the 7 hour car ride from Toronto and had to be pieced back together in Mont Tremblant.  It was a huge headache and hassle to bring it from that far but it was absolutely delicious!!!


winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-08winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-10 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-11 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-12 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-13 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-14 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-15 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-16 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-17 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-19winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-18winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-20 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-21


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

Looking around the campfire at our welcome party holding a specialty hot coffee and watching all of our friends and family enjoy the skating and sleigh rides while the snow began falling in huge flakes. Best night of our lives.


winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-22 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-23 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-24 winter-hockey-themed-wedding-julian-kanz-25

Jul 2013

Julia + Paul

Fun Boat Wedding Reception in the Netherlands and a Pub Party

I realize my latest posts are almost all tagged with “fun”, and I wouldn’t like you to think I’m lazy, but it’s once again kind of hard avoiding the word when trying to describe a wedding like this one!

You know, with all the inspiration wedding blogs offer today, I think weddings really do start to look different. However, it often looks like classic flower arrangement centerpieces have been replaced by vintage birdcages and books. When you are being said your wedding needs not meet any of the industry’s requirement and that it can be personal, it means it can be personal! Have fun, do the stuff you would do at a regular party and if you’re not confortable dancing on a table in front of your boss or colleagues, how about you don’t invite your boss and colleagues? (It’s a good technique, I actually tested it for you.)

Photography by Jarg Woldhuis.



boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-01 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-02 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-03 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-04 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-05 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-06 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-07 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-11boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-08 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-09boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-10boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-12 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-13 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-14 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-15 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-16 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-17 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-18 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-19 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-20 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-21 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-22 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-23 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-24 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-25 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-26 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-27 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-28 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-29 boat-wedding-cocktail-in-the-netherlands-jarg-woldhuis-30

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