Oct 2012

Kirsten + David

Fresh and Fun South African Wedding

Life is short, but hey, wedding is just one day! I love to see beautiful weddings, but I hate it when I don’t see anybody having fun! Today I’m sharing Kirsten and David’s beautiful wedding, to which I’d easily give the credits for the notion of fun wedding if I could. Watch and learn… Photography credit: welovepictures from South Africa.



David was living in San Diego when him and Kirsten first met in South Africa. I was about to shorten their story, but it’s really kind of a long-distance relationship fairytale, so I just let you with Kirsten’s testimonial:

Well we had a crazy meeting… Two years ago David came to South Africa for a surfing trip. On the last night of his stay we met through mutual friends and had an amazing conversation, but for the rest of the night blushed and purposefully ignored eachother. We then a few weeks later contacted eachother on facebook just as friends (him being in San Diego, and me being in Cape Town). This sparked hours of crazy deep and intimate conversations, and him posting me a web cam for the start of many long skype dates.
After a few months he finally asked if he could come out and visit again, and this visit was really something so special and made us both realise that it was something really worth pursuing, even though we felt completely mad and crazy doing it we just couldnt get enough. And especially hard as I was studying and David was working for a non profit (invisible children), so we were both a bit poor to dive into this expensive relationship (San Diego being almost the most furtherest point to fly to from Cape Town). But we just felt that so many doors opened us and felt so supported by our friends, who were so involved in supporting our relationship – and they entered us into competitions and even contributed towards flights to the point were we actually got to see eachother way more than we thought we would.
Which in fact leads me to our proposal where we met up in Ireland so that David could meet my family, with his intent to get their approval and get married asap! He proposed with a beautiful old ring he had found in a park in the hail in Ireland. Afterwards his friends couldnt believe that he managed to get me with a 60 dollar ring and entered him into a competition which he had no clue about. So he ended up winning it, and this diamond company rocked up at his work and asked him it would drop everything for love and flew him to South Africa with a huge diamond ring, so he flew out and proposed again a month later, which was a complete surprise to me!

Their wedding took place at Laq de chamonix, Franshhoek, Cape Town, South Africa.




Name one thing you regret…


Wish I ate more of the food! And wish I hadn’t sobbed down the aisle!




… And one thing you’re really happy about / proud of:

We made sure (almost completely) that we had finished everything we wanted to do before the last week so that we could spend some good time with all our friends, and made it a big celebration. I think that was definately worthwhile doing, as lots of our friends travelled from overseas to come to the wedding, the week long celebration beforehand allowed us to spend lots of time with everybody!



Thanks Kirsten and David, keep this freshness with you all along your life!

Oct 2012

Magda + Rafal

Retro 50’s-60’s Inspired Photo Shoot in Poland

Meet Magda and Rafal, through this lovely retro 50’s-60’s inspired shoot! Pictures were taken in Poland, off the road 64, by the sweet Kamila Piech!



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