Dec 2012

Letitia + Kristian

Red Themed Wedding and Photos at the Swimming Pool

Yes, I am kind of a sportswoman, and some might say I have a love affair with water. So when I first saw Letitia and Kristian’s wedding pictures at a swimming pool, my heart started beating faster. It came out, their whole wedding was a lot of fun, and I really love the contrast between red and white! Photography credit: Feather and Stone, from Australia.



Letitia and Kristian had a 50s inspired wedding, with a lot of DIY touches and this story about the dress says it all:

I’ve always loved vintage and my entire wardrobe is full of plenty of 2nd hand and vintage bits and pieces sourced through my travels, as well as many ebay/etsy purchases. So I knew that I wanted my weddings dress to represent my love for Vintage things, however I wanted it to be handmade. The Design and ideas were conveyed by means of many words, hand gestures and picture samples to a friend/local dressmaker who brought it all together faultlessly from imagination to reality.

The wedding took place in Brisbane, Australia.



Name one thing you’re really happy about / proud of.

The photography was an easy decision with our dear friends Seth and Tenielle from Feather and Stone; we have always loved and admired their unique creativity and couldn’t wait for them to be a part of our day. They were thrilled to do the photos for us. We had such a blast driving around to the different locations with them, it really made a difference knowing them and feeling at ease and relaxed.


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