Feb 2014

Nicole + Michaël

Laid-Back Wedding at a Farm in Germany

Let’s go to Germany! This couple had a laid-back wedding at a farm; I have to admit that it’s really nice to see that when everything’s naturally beautiful, there’s no need for additional detail. I mean, for such a wedding, could there be any better “decoration” than the sheep, pigs, bales of straw, etc, already there? Photos by Bjoern and Jessy for Hafenliebe Hochtzeitsfotografie.



The wedding took place in Lübeck and Hamburg, Germany, in August last year.

farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-00 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-01 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-02 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-03 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-04 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-05 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-06 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-07 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-08 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-09 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-10 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-11 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-12 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-13 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-16 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-17 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-15farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-14 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-18 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-19 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-20 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-21 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-22 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-23 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-24 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-25 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-26 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-27 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-28 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-29 farm-wedding-germany-hafenliebe-30

The word of the photographers.

It was one of those weddings that you enjoy so much simply because of the atmosphere. In addition to their family, the two invited many friends along with their children. That was also the reason why the day was filled with a lot of laughter and its very own energy. The civil wedding took place in the registry office of Lübeck. After the ceremony, the two organized a small champagne reception to welcome their guests. For the party, we went to the lovely organic farm “Hof Eggers” in Hamburg- Kirchwerder. What both of us really liked a lot about this place, were the nostalgic and rustic buildings. It felt a bit like travelling back in time. It was a really laid-back wedding with everybody enjoying themselves and playing with the kids.


Aug 2013

Shannon + Shaun

Wonderful Farm Wedding in Texas

I am so thrilled to share those pictures with you today. First of all, as me, you’ll probably drool a little bit when going through these (and I promise I had to resign myself to leave tons of equally perfect pictures on my computer that couldn’t fit in this post). Second, rocking chairs, cowboy hats… this wedding just woke up the cowgirl inside me! And what about those Star Wars inspired cufflinks?? :-) Photography by Nirav Patel.



sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-06sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-02 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-05sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-01sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-04sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-08sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-07sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-00sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-09 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-10 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-11 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-12 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-13 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-14 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-15 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-16 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-19sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-17 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-18sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-32 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-31Shaun & Shannon-1047 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-23sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-22sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-24 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-25 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-26 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-27 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-28 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-29 sweet-farm-wedding-nirav-patel-30


The word of the photographer.

It was absolutely an honor to photograph Shaun and Shannon’s intimate wedding in Texas. Shaun is a star wars loving, music playing, wedding photographer which means we’re practically the same person.  All of our email exchanges ended with “may the force be with you”. Shannon is something else let me say… and I mean that in the best possible way. She’s incredibly sweet, down to earth, fun, and can definitely bust a move on the dance floor. The wedding was certainly everything they had hoped for it to be… a relaxed celebration with their closest family and friends.

A shout out to the man Bradford Martens for helping me capture this day.


Jan 2013

January + Jay

Canadian Cowboy Wedding with Fun Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Shots

You already discovered Shari and Mike through our “Bridesmaids and Groomsmen” post—and you’ll see I was not being exhaustive. Here’s a full reportage by these guys: a “cowboy wedding” 100% not fake; no futile accessory, just two people and a wedding reflecting their day-to-day.



January and Jay both grew up in the country (their parents are ranchers and farmers) and chose to have the wedding ceremony at Jays’ parents ranch — Tom & Wanda Clark’s Ranch. During the ceremony, Jay wore his boots, wranglers and cowboy hat and January chose not to wear a veil or carry a bouquet. From January:

We really wanted the ceremony to reflect us – I fell in love with Jay looking like this (Jay wearing his every day western attire… I can’t imagine walking down the aisle and seeing him look any other way – and I wanted Jay to see me for who he fell in love with too).




Name one thing you regret…

The day truly passed too quickly – although we tried to make it to each table to visit with each guest we were unable to greet everyone that was there… this still hurts my feelings.  Our family and friends mean so much to us that I wanted them to know how much it meant to us that they made it to our wedding… I wanted to be able to visit with everyone there, but we weren’t able to… this will always be a regret in my mind.




… And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

This is my pride and joy… the one thing I get the most excited about when talking about our wedding – our Cookie Buffet. We decided to have a cookie buffet at our reception as a thank you to our guests for attending our special day. We show-cased the cookies with a note saying “Grab a bag and help yourself to the Cookie Buffet. It is our way of saying thank you for sharing our memorable day. Love the Newlyweds”. Everyone loved the idea… and we even had a cousin incorporate this idea into her wedding – it was the ultimate compliment.


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