Nov 2013

Our Birthday Gift

Win your Wedding Photographer

LuckyFamily(From left to right: Lakshal, Kristen, Meow and Quark.)

Lucky (Lakshal Perera) isn’t just one super great photographer, he’s kind, he’s funny and he’s smart. In our first email exchanges I remember we had a discussion about our respective PhD subjects, which obviously doesn’t happen very often. I could actually talk about him both as a photographer and a person for a long time, but that’s not quite the subject right now.

As you may know, the blog is one year old this week, and he’s the birthday present I got you! Your beloved blogger has secured Lucky’s services for photographing a wedding and one fortunate reader can enjoy our birthday in style. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s a full wedding reportage to win here, and it will be shot by this man assisted by his adorable business manager lady, sometimes 2nd shooter and wife Kristen (the cats unfortunately weren’t available this time around)!

… And this offer is available in all Europe!!!


To participate, you must be having your wedding somewhere in the EU in June 2014, that’s it. Lucky is an Australian but is basing himself out of the UK for a few months and all you will have to do if you win is to cover Lucky and Kristen’s travel costs from England and accommodation while at your wedding. But to be honest, that wouldn’t be too much to pay to get a super great photographer to shoot your wedding!

Now, to enter the competition, just follow these 4 easy steps.

  • 1 • Tell us about you! Your story, fun anecdotes, your habits, your cat… Anything you can think of that will make us fall in love with you!
  • 2 • Describe your wedding & the location/ venue in a few lines. Tell us what’s going to be so special about it! If you’re planning to work with suppliers like wedding planners or decorators, let us know who those persons are.
  • 3 • Choose between a) or b)
    • a) Start a Pinterest board with images exclusively picked from You May French Kiss the Bride (except for the pictures of you and the location if you want to add some). The images should represent your ideas for the wedding. For instance, if you pinned an image from a barn wedding but your wedding is happening in an underwater cave (obviously if this happens consider yourself the winner, but I’m getting lost), it may just be because you too want to have those retro dishes that are on the picture; make sure you make that very clear in the description that goes with it. Title this board with basic info about your wedding: name1+name2, dd/mm (date), location, country and then send it to us!
    • b) You’re not a Pinterest user, or no Pinterest board would be good enough to describe your absolutely perfect wedding (hello, underwater cave wedding!)… No worries! You can write a little more for point 1 & 2 – we’d love to know all about your wedding and why it is consistent with your relationship and the things you love.
  • 4 • Win-win situations are great. If you have something to offer back, whether it’s free doughnuts for life or just great stories from your grandpa, let us know!

 Ready??! Send and email with your answers to [email protected]. You have until December 15, winners will be announced on this blog on December 22!

{ A few things. 1/ If you’re selected, booking can only be confirmed when travel and accommodation have been paid for. 2/ You barely speak English? Well, barely’s enough, as long as you’re able to communicate. 3/ Please be nice and do not apply if you already booked a photographer! 4/ Last, this goes without saying, but the pictures of your amazing wedding will be exposed on both our blogs! }

You’re probably already familiar with Lucky’s work as I posted a few weddings he shot (one of them being this epic circus wedding but they can all be found under his profile) and the picture of me you see on Facebook & Twitter was taken by him also. But just for the magic, here are a few more shots.


To see more of his work, check out his blogFacebook page, and some of his recent publications on other blogs, for instance here on Rock’n Roll Bride, or on Hello May (these last two weddings are truly amazing btw).



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