Aug 2013

Josh + Tonja

Engagement Shoot in an Abandoned Dredge, Blanket and Wine

I first published Don’s work two months ago, maybe you’ll remember his beautiful trash the dress session? This time he’s back with an engagement shoot. But what an engagement shoot! This is for all those couples out there, that don’t quite recognise themselves in retro flowery pastel stuff. Because you know what? It’s alright. Photography: Don Barrington.



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The word of the photographer.

The evening was slowly settling in when we arrived at the Chattanooga Gold Dredge. Josh and Tonja were familiar with this dredge, from either late night escapades or parties. I had never been. As we walked up this small hill the gold dredge became visible. Abandoned, forlorn, yet a powerful machine loomed in the middle of a lake, like a mighty despot defeated long ago. I got really excited. I’d never photographed anything like this before. Tonja kept telling me we should shoot here and we were finally doing it. I told them to take a walk as I reached for my camera.

Hand in hand they stumbled down to the edge, climbed inside the big medal cadaver and walked to the furthest front portion of the dredge. I could see their silhouettes, shimmering in the water from the shoreline. I told them to stop and just look at each other, while I captured their bodies in the water. I ran over to them, taking shot after shot all around them. We surveyed the dredge from the inside out. We climbed weather worn steps. We danced. We drank wine. We explored. And all this time I couldn’t stop documenting Josh & Tonja’s love for one another. This was one of my most memorable engagement shoots in Alaska, and I keep referring back to it when I meet new couples.


Jun 2013

Midnight Morning

Trash the Dress with Paint

I’ve seen many trash the dress sessions, and some engagement shoots that included paint, but nothing quite like this series of pictures. The photographs below are part of Don’s Trash The Dress Project, that consists in putting models in various elements and photograph them trashing bridal dresses. I would love to know your thoughts about this; I was personally really moved and I’m so looking forward to seeing the rest of the project! Photography by Don Barrington, that you’ll find in Anchorage Alaska half of the year, and Melbourne Australia the other half.


Those are the very words Don used to describe his work.

This particular series from the Trash the Dress Project is entitled Midnight Morning because the time of the day was midnight and the Alaskan light still visible. The location was in interior Alaska in the downtown part of Fairbanks. The time was nearly midnight. The day was June 24, a few days after the summer solstice, where the light shows nearly all day and night. On this trash the dress session I wanted to use paint as the source of trashing the dress. I have seen many photographs of paint splattered on dresses but none by me. I used a small, abandon alleyway to begin the trashing, mixing greens, yellows, and blues to create mesmerizing shades and tones of colors. After the dress had enough color on it I sent the model to walk around downtown. I picked a few locations and I photographed her with the waning midnight light, until it altogether had dissipated. Then she threw the dress in the trash bin and that was it. The photo shoot was over but the photographs, documenting my first painted trash the dress session, are here.


trash-the-dress-in-paint-01 trash-the-dress-in-paint-02 trash-the-dress-in-paint-03 trash-the-dress-in-paint-04trash-the-dress-in-paint-05trash-the-dress-in-paint-06 trash-the-dress-in-paint-07 trash-the-dress-in-paint-08 trash-the-dress-in-paint-09 trash-the-dress-in-paint-10 trash-the-dress-in-paint-11trash-the-dress-in-paint-12trash-the-dress-in-paint-13trash-the-dress-in-paint-14trash-the-dress-in-paint-15

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