Nov 2013

Deborah + Ramon

Brazilian Country Rock’n Roll Wedding

Up for a little Brazilian country rock’n roll wedding today? The bride’s a designer herself and took care of the design and setting. You need to read the story of how they found the place where they got married! Photography by Nathan Thrall.



The wedding took place on May 15, 2013 at the Fazenda dos Quindins in Paty de Alferes, Brazil. Deborah found this place when she was actually looking for the quindim recipe on the internet!

We met two years ago in a “festa junina” (a typical brazilian party that happen in June, where everybody shows up dress up as a farmer). One year after, we were already living together and it didn’t take him more than a week after that to propose to me! A few months after, looking for the quindim recipe on the internet, a without even thinking about our wedding party, I found the place where we got married. During five months, we were in the middle of kraft paper that we used for the invites’ enveloppes, blue plaid laces, little DIY skirts for the little bridesmaids and homemade (mummy made) marmelade pots. It was an incredible party with a lot of love, thanks to one thousand familiar hands.

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Name one thing you regret…

We didn’t have a specific song for our first dance. Also, I wish we had taken some pictures of Ramon and his groomsmen in their plaid shirts!


diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-07 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-08 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-09 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-10 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-11 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-12

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

That I took care of the planning and design myself, helped by our friends and families.


diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-13 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-14 diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-15diy-brazilian-wedding-chacara-17

The word of the photographers.
Engaging messages & conversations via Facebook, we were already ready for what was going to be Deborah and Ramon’s wedding. Deborah, an interior designer, insisted in planning everything herself: she wanted a party at a farm, for the family and closest friends only. The place they chose, Paty do Alferes, in the seclusion of Brazil, made us expect one of the most special weddings we’d ever attended.
Everybody lent a hand that day; parents, relatives, and even my team and I, in then end, were involved in setting up the place. The dad was hanging up some details in the trees, the bridesmaid was taking care of the ceremony place and kept on asking my opinion, the bride couldn’t stand quiet for one second, not even for her make-up.
The homemade marmelade from the bride’s mother, the cachaça fountain leaving a light smell alcohol, the green fields of Paty do Alferes, the distant mountains, the perfect weather… all this combined with the happiness of one of the most jovial couple we know. Young in spirit, as jovial as kids, in love like teenagers discovering love for the very first time. This is how Deborah and Ramon got married.
Jan 2013

January + Jay

Canadian Cowboy Wedding with Fun Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Shots

You already discovered Shari and Mike through our “Bridesmaids and Groomsmen” post—and you’ll see I was not being exhaustive. Here’s a full reportage by these guys: a “cowboy wedding” 100% not fake; no futile accessory, just two people and a wedding reflecting their day-to-day.



January and Jay both grew up in the country (their parents are ranchers and farmers) and chose to have the wedding ceremony at Jays’ parents ranch — Tom & Wanda Clark’s Ranch. During the ceremony, Jay wore his boots, wranglers and cowboy hat and January chose not to wear a veil or carry a bouquet. From January:

We really wanted the ceremony to reflect us – I fell in love with Jay looking like this (Jay wearing his every day western attire… I can’t imagine walking down the aisle and seeing him look any other way – and I wanted Jay to see me for who he fell in love with too).




Name one thing you regret…

The day truly passed too quickly – although we tried to make it to each table to visit with each guest we were unable to greet everyone that was there… this still hurts my feelings.  Our family and friends mean so much to us that I wanted them to know how much it meant to us that they made it to our wedding… I wanted to be able to visit with everyone there, but we weren’t able to… this will always be a regret in my mind.




… And one thing you’re really proud of / happy about.

This is my pride and joy… the one thing I get the most excited about when talking about our wedding – our Cookie Buffet. We decided to have a cookie buffet at our reception as a thank you to our guests for attending our special day. We show-cased the cookies with a note saying “Grab a bag and help yourself to the Cookie Buffet. It is our way of saying thank you for sharing our memorable day. Love the Newlyweds”. Everyone loved the idea… and we even had a cousin incorporate this idea into her wedding – it was the ultimate compliment.


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