Feb 2014

Amandine + Guillaume

Photoshoot by Celine Hamelin in NYC – Results

A few months ago, you could win a photoshoot in New-York City with Céline Hamelin. Here’s the result of the shoot: a laid-back session in the streets of New-York and on Coney Island. I especially love the part with the birds! Congrats  Amandine and Guillaume (and of course,  Céline Hamelin for the beautiful pictures).



photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-01 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-02 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-03 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-04 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-05 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-06 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-07 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-08 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-09 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-10 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-11 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-12 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-13 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-14 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-15 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-16 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-17 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-18 photoshoot-nyc-celine-hamelin-19

The word of the photographer.

Amandine lives in New York City. Guillaume lives in the South West of France… and often in NYC too ! :)
Those two birds work in the fashion area and travel a lot…They meet in Miami, CA or Paris… They are stylish and crazy and they’re meant to live intensively, and I love that !
Coney Island is one of their favorite places and what a piece of luck, I’m completely in love with it too !
Far from Manhattan’s clichés, the time has stopped its mad drive. Numb feelings: everything is big and fun and colored but there’s nobody around, only gulls, calm and harmony. Really stunning.

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