Aug 2014

Ringaile + Gytis

Beautiful Classic Wedding in Lithuania

There’s nothing wrong about “classic weddings”. And to be honest, at a time where non-traditional weddings have become the new trend and all start looking the same, that is one unclear notion… Some people told me that they liked this blog because they never knew what was coming next, so let’s break the routine once more and enjoy this very beautiful, classic wedding, from Lithuania. I may be all the opposite of the princess kind of girl, but this bride makes me wanna be in her dress! Check out the beautiful photos taken by Lina Aiduke Photography, definitely a new crush!



The wedding took place on the 30th of May, 2014, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The couple wrote to me “We did not like each other at all when we met for the first time. :)”; I guess love and hate are indeed, not very different sentiments.

  classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-03 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-04classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-01 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-02

Name ont thing you regret…

Nothing to regret. Time passed too quickly, even if we went to bed at 6:00 AM :)


classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-05 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-06 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-07 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-08classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-10 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-11

… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

Friends had to fly in from all different parts of the world as India, Indonesia – Bali, USA, Caribbean, Norway, Germany, UK, Cyprus – we are proud and happy to have so many true friends.


classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-12 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-13 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-14 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-15 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-16 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-17 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-18 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-19 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-20 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-21 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-22 classic-wedding-beautiful-dress-lina-aiduke-23

The word of the photographer.

As a photographer I could say that Rigaile & Gytis both are super out-going and full of emotions.
They trusted me – so I brought them to the swamp. The location was already enough to get great photos of couple full of love and personality.
I was very excited all day long.
Sep 2013

Julia + Pierre

When American Classic Meets the France of Yesteryear: French-American Wedding in France

I am very happy to feature this French-American wedding today for many reasons. One reason is that the photographer, Thierry, started as wedding photographer two years ago and his work definitely needs to be known – and if you appreciate it, please leave a comment, I am sure he’ll be very happy to read them. Second, when I first checked this wedding out on his blog, I realized I actually knew the groom! We met on a PhD students meeting in the South of France – the same meeting Marcio and I first got to know each other… Small world! But the main reason of course, is that I really like the atmosphere here: when the venue looks like it’s coming out of an old movie, maybe there’s just no need to add colored flags and balloons. Photography: Thierry Joubert for Pretty Days.



The wedding took place July 27, 2013 next to Guérande, France. From the couple:

The wedding didn’t go exactly as planned, we got into an argument with the tent vendor the day before the wedding who threatened not to bring the equipment, there was a torrential downpour all morning  the day of the wedding and during the brunch the following day, at one point we had no priest to perform the ceremony, the groom had to switch jackets mid-cocktail with one of the groomsmen, but in the end all of these things were what made the wedding so memorable and exciting.


french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-01 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-02 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-03 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-04 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-05 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-06 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-07 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-08 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-09 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-10 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-11 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-12 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-13 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-14 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-15 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-16 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-17


Name one thing you regret…

With the perspective, the joyous moments with friends and family are the most precious things at a wedding; They go so fast, we wish we had had more time to connect and chat with each guest.


french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-18 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-19 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-20 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-21 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-22 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-23


… And one thing you’re really happy about/ proud of.

We tried really hard to mix American and French traditions to make it a bi-cultural celebration, and the church celebration went really well.  Most of the service was in French, but we had some readings and songs in English, with American bridesmaids/groomsmen and we even sang “America the Beautiful”.


french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-24 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-25 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-26 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-27 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-28 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-29 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-30 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-31 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-32 french-american-wedding-classic-pretty-days-33


The word of the photographer.

Julia and Pierre… I met this French-American couple in a family house next to Guérande, a place that is very dear to Pierre who spent there his entire childhood. Bridesmaids from New-York, rain, magic atmosphere in this old house… Those are the few words that I would use to describe this sweet couple’s wedding, that I had the pleasure to photograph this Summer. It seemed like every room I discovered in this building was telling its own story and I am very happy I was the one who could write theirs.

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